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EscortsHacks: How to have the perfect incall session with a client {video}

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Welcome to the life of an escort

Every day, escorts interact with different clients with different tastes and preferences. There are clients who won’t mind being seen arm in arm with you and will even flaunt you to the world. They are those that highly value their privacy and before anything goes that that must be sorted out. As an escort working to meet and satisfying all these differents needs comes with the job.

Incalls is the best of both worlds

Incall escort services are a great way to offer privacy and at the same time intimately bond with your clients without a care in the world. In addition, it gives you an upper hand in terms of negotiations and security. Since they are the ones coming to you, you don’t need to spend  your hard-earned money

At the end of the day, great incall sessions mean happier clients, more impromptu guests and hence more money in your pocket.

How to have the perfect incall session with a client

Follow these three simple steps for a fucking amazing incall session with clients. It is key to turning them into loyal customers who will come again and again.

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Make a great first impression

What does the client see when he/she steps into your house? The first is you, the one opening the door. The second is your living space. Always ensure your place is spotless. Yes! cleanliness is sexy and more so he/she won’t mind going down on you. Investing in good furniture will also go a long way in making them feel welcomed and ready for action.

Look good and put on your sexy charm

First impressions last so put on your sexiest outfit and charm. Flirt a little to make him/her relax. Your client chose you because they thought you are sexually appealing so prove them right. Men clients too are visual beings and likely envisioned you as a sexy goddess dressed in lace lingerie, lying on silk sheets waiting for them so don’t disappoint. Trust me, they will appreciate the effort you put in and reward you handsomely.

You can use warm lights to create a cozy mood and play some nice music in the background.

Use drinks to break the ice

It is not only courteous to offer your guest a drink once he/she sits down but drinks too are a great ice breaker. Stock a few soft and hard drinks and allow the client to choose what they want. A glass of wine can be a great conversation starter.

Mark you, some of your clients came to you because they have no one to talk to. A simple talk over a drink can offer great relief. Let them relax so they can share their needs with you. A good client will remember the drink you served when making the payment.


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