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EscortsHacks: How to have the best out calls with clients {Video}

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Outcalls are part and parcel of an escort’s job

Meeting clients at hotels, guesthouses or their homes is simply part of an escort’s job. Some clients love to host without worrying about the hustle of coming to you, so outcalls work perfectly for them.

As an escort, outcalls can, however, get tricky at times. How do you know he/she is a serious client? What do you wear? Who’s paying for what? These are genuine concerns any self-respecting escort has.

To help straighten this out here are 3 simple ways how an escort can have the best outcall sessions with clients

Don’t spend your money

As an escort don’t spend your money when taking outcalls. (elements.envato)

This goes without saying. before going out to see a client, always ask for a deposit to cater for transport & all related costs. Taking care of your commuting fees shows a client is genuine and not a joker. Tales of escorts called by clients only to be left high and dry after spending a fortune to get there are too common. What’s worse some clients have a nasty habit of making the call and then suddenly chicken out of the deal or change their minds. So to be on the safe side let the client cater for your transport and all related costs beforehand. It will put your mind at ease to say the least. Do not use your money ever to go meet a client!

Caveat: As an escort always remember asking for transport or deposit and failing to show up is theft; no matter how desperate you are, avoid such stints as they will destroy your reputation and business completely.

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Show up dressed to kill

Outcalls are part of the job so dress the part. You are going out to see a client for fuck sake so put on a sexy outfit that will leave him/her drooling before they have even touched you. Believe me clients love that and it shows you take your job seriously.

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However, if you are meeting in the open or are using public transport, remember to cover yourself up so as not to raise brows.

Keep time and Be professional

Keep time and Be professional. (elements.envato)

Time is money so make sure you’re punctual. Do not keep your client waiting; try to arrive at your designated venue at the agreed time or earlier. Once your bonding session is over get your pay, thank them and excuse yourself. Remember this is a job and you are meeting a client, not a friend. Of course, you must be friendly.


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