10 Secrets to getting laid on the first date

10 Secrets to getting laid on the first date

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Secrets to getting laid on the first date 

Getting laid on the first date is every man’s wish. However, it’s never as easy as unwrapping a condom. To change this here are secrets on what to do to get a taste of her fanny on the first date: 

  • Look sharp

On the first date make sure you smell good and look clean. If your nails are dirty, that’s a big turn off and she may never let you touch her, ever. 

  • Take her somewhere sexy, not fancy

Don’t take her to fancy white table-cloth restaurants for the first date. Take her to a cocktail bar with dimmed lights and that will definitely set the mood. Give her a taste of the unexpected. Taking her where everyone else takes her is nice but is not really special. She must have figured that is where you would take her. 

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  • Be confident 

Be cool coz you know you got it, and you know why? Coz you actually got it. Walk with confidence, order with confidence, and move like a boss. 


  •  Greet her with a nice warm hug

Do this so she can feel what you are working with? Haha, I’m just bluffing. Give her a warm hug so she can have a sense of how you would handle her. Having great cologne is an added advantage. 

  • Give her specific compliments

Avoid compliments like, ‘You look good tonight’. Instead, try something like, ‘That dress looks amazing on you’ or ‘Your smile is breathtaking’. This is a way of ensuring she keeps smiling because she now knows you like her smile. 

  • Be mysterious 

Invite her into your thoughts by being intriguing and this will make her want to figure out what you are all about. 

  • Lower her inhibitions

Take her to someplace fun; a place she can laugh and feel free. Try karaoke, skating or even go-karting. This helps her relax and she is going to be more comfortable around you since you’ve already seen her in a vulnerable position. 



  • Stay off your phone

You are there with her, Who else would you be texting? Undivided attention is the key to the panty shackles and all you gotta do is make her feel important. 

  • Keep the night going

If the night is over by 10 O’clock, most likely she won’t want to give it up. Try club hopping and even when you suggest your house as the next destination, it won’t sound weird. This will be the same when you mention the bedroom. Now, picture going to a restaurant and then saying, ‘Let’s go home’. How odd would that be? 

  • Silence her reservations 

‘I have never done that before’, ‘That’s not what I do’. Heard that before? Well, that’s a lie. Most ladies say this so that they do not give an impression of being easy or so that you don’t stop respecting her. Act like sex is the farthest thing from your mind. Show her you like her and just want to be with her. 

With these Nim Notty secrets, I hope you will now start getting laid on the first date. 

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