9 secrets you are allowed to keep from your woman

9 Secrets You Are Allowed To Keep From Your Woman

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9 Secrets You Are Allowed To Keep From Your Woman

While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive. There are just a couple of things you should never let your partner know about you however honest or drama-free you’d want to make your relationship. A tiny cynical self-destructive side of you must not let you make the mistake of letting your woman in on any of these Nim Notty secrets: 

Your Body Count 

A man’s sex life must never be used for validation in front of other men. Fact- it happens a lot more than you may have noticed. It’s a major conversation topic in men’s groups and hangouts. However, a man must never let his woman, or any woman know how many women he has had sex with. That’s pretty much shooting yourself in the foot. Even if she asks, keep your lips sealed. If the number is high, she will feel like you are a womanizer and if it’s low, she may be paranoid about hers. Let the past be the past but test for AIDS and other STDs. 

How Good Your Ex Was At Throwing Back That Ass 

If she was that good, why did you let her go? Yes, she was a sex maniac but you really didn’t want that anymore. If you keep referencing your current girl to your ex, you will never experience being with her. Even if you don’t mean it, suggesting anything about your ex and the sex is cruel. 

Family Issues

Never let yourself vent over Family Issues to get sympathy from her. Talking to your woman about your family issues will lead to ridicule and sometimes embarrassing situations, especially at the beginning of your relationship. Just be sure about who you tell your Family issues

How Much Money You Make

9 secrets you are allowed to keep from your woman

Money could affect how she feels for you especially if she is a golddigger. She could also do the opposite, love you more just to be around your cash, seeing you as a source of finances. Another possibility is that she could size you up by what she makes and could look down on you if she earns more.

Never say Her Best Friend is Hot 

Bad energy always follows this, whether it was just an innocent crush. Works both ways honestly, but as a man, you should always make your girl feel confident and irreplaceable. You can’t tell who you will end up being attracted to but you can always tell who you want. Keep it to yourself. 

Your Weaknesses 

It’s not a humble or noble thing to do. This doesn’t mean the same as being vulnerable. Being vulnerable is asking a woman out knowing very well she could turn you down. Never let anyone take advantage of you through your weaknesses. More importantly, don’t show your weakness. 

Belittling Yourself

Never feel inferior to her male brothers and never act on your insecurities when she is out with her male friends. It works like this, if you start simping, telling her how much you don’t deserve her, she will start believing that. If you treat her like a star, she will treat you like a fan. 

Her Family Members You Find Unbearable 

If she asks you to hang out with someone in her family that’s quite unbearable to be around find something that’s quite convincing to do that will actually let her trust your decision not to join them. Just smile and bear it if the person is invited over. Keep the peace always around such people but never talk about it. 

Your Life Goals

You are less likely to achieve the things you want when you talk about it. It’s Science, the dopamine you get from just talking about it tricks your mind into believing that you have already achieved them. Put in the work and don’t talk about it. Keeping your goals to yourself will keep you motivated and will get you striving to see her happy from your success. 


Be careful with the details you share with people. If you are in a serious relationship or married then some of these things are important to talk about

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