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{KENYA}: Tigers In Bed’ And Other Reasons Why Women Love Kisii Men.

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Why Women Love To Date Kisii Men

The Mogakas are every sane woman’s biggest dream. There are many stereotypes that surround these handsome men. They are said to be onja onjas, if they cuff you trust me you are going to share them with a number of women in the village.
These men are darn stingy (just ask me about their selfishness, I have experienced it firsthand), if you have to date them, babe you got to chase the bag and have your cash in hand because they won’t give you a penny. Apart from that, there are pros to dating these God-sent men:

Emotional vulnerability

Kisii men are good at expressing their emotions be it love or anger. Therefore, they won’t keep you guessing whether they are sad or mad deep down. They are also emotionally vulnerable and have mastered romance that’s why a number of women who cheat, cheat with these tigers. Kisii men don’t horde their feelings since they know how to express themselves.

Full Swing Masculinity

Handsome Kisii man
Kisii men are handsome
 These no-nonsense men understand well that it’s their right to remain the family heads. The Mogakas’ neighbors are Maasai and Kalenjin, who have survived border conflicts for a long time, and are warriors at heart.
When provoked, these men believe in fighting back and protecting the people they love. The civilized Mogakas appreciate the place of women in society therefore they have held their hands to building strong families.

They will eat your food

Kisii men love to eat, a lot! If your culinary skills are top-notch and you love to cook good food then hey you don’t need to worry whether Mogaka will take supper with you at night, your man will munch on your food and lick his fingers.

Bedroom bullies

Kisii men are tigers between the sheets, these men can nyandua you properly. It doesn’t matter how many times you allow him to smash your honey pot, these men will continually beg to onja asali every passing minute.
Sometimes they may lie to you that wanaingiza kichwa peke yake only to drill your hole for hours on end. They are not your ordinary one-minute man.

Kisii men are very visionary

These men beat the odds in order to have successful lives. A good number of them are literate, ranking them among the most literate men in Kenya. Second to Kikuyus, Kisii men are very entrepreneurial, a trait that makes most women glued to them.
{KENYA}: Tigers In Bed' And Other Reasons Why Women Love Kisii Men. 1 979

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