Erogenous zone to touch your man

For Ladies: 10 Erogenous Zones You Should Touch Your Man.

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Nipples And 9 Other Erogenous Zones To Touch And Stimulate Him For Bomb Sex.

Foreplay is one of the greatest ways to maintain a healthy sex life. Learning about your partner’s erogenous zones helps you initiate foreplay as well as stimulate your partner in readiness for bomb sex sessions. Here are erogenous zones to touch your man:


This is the ridge between the anus and the back of your partner’s scrotum. Exerting some pressure with your fingertips at the midpoint of this ridge, can induce an erection or help your man if he is losing an erection.


Touching a man nipples is erogenous
Touching a man’s nipples is erogenous

Although some men aren’t fond of nipple stimulation, a number of men have sensitive nipples. You can try tracing the area with your finger as well as kissing the nipples gently. To make the climax more powerful, gently squeeze his nipples as he orgasms.

Inner thigh 

This thick-skinned region can handle a bit more pressure than other areas. Caress the area, massage or trace your nails along the inner thighs for great stimulation.


The scrotum is a sensitive tissue that surrounds the balls and is packed with nerve endings. Ask him what kind of pressure he prefers on this area as you hold, cup, and massage this erogenous zone.


Running your fingertips across the scalp is a sure way to send shivers through his body as well as relax his body for intimacy.

Back of his knees

If you want to excite his nerves, you can tickle, kiss or run your fingers over this super-sensitive erogenous zone.

Nape of his neck

Woman kissing her man's neck
A woman kissing her man’s neck

You can gently stroke or kiss this zone during sex. Stimulating this zone sends signals to the circulatory system.

Pubic Hairline

This spot is just where the belt is and is often ignored by most women yet it is a sensitive zone. If you want to stimulate this erogenous zone, you can trace circles starting right from under his belly button up to the area around his pubic bone.

Back of his ears 

Just like you secretly want him to kiss the skin behind your ears, don’t forget to nibble on his earlobes and caress them to arouse him. Remember this zone has many sensory receptors so you can take advantage of that by whispering dirty things into his ears or blowing them for that tingly sensation.


The zone is also known as the P-spot. It is a walnut-sized gland that is located at the root of the penis. If you want to reach this zone, insert a well-lubricated finger a few inches into his rectum as you apply some pressure on the front wall. Settle on the right move to stimulate this zone and watch as your guy gets sheet-twisting orgasms.

Bottom line:

Your partner’s body is filled with sensitive and erogenous zones that he’s waiting for you to explore. So, you got to take your time to learn which spots do it for him and make the most of them for a fulfilling sex life.

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