Super gonorrhea

Super Gonorrhea: Symptoms, Transmission And Prevention Of The Sexually Transmitted Infection

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Everything You Should Know About Super Gonorrhea.

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) has reported a shoot in super gonorrhea infections among people living in Nairobi city. The sexually transmitted infection is caused by a bacterium, Neisseria gonorrhea.

The STI has become a serious concern over the past few weeks because it has been reported to be completely resistant to antimicrobials. World Health Organization (WHO) has even designated super gonorrhea as a “priority pathogen” since its antimicrobial resistance is increasing.

How Is Super Gonorrhea different from Standard Gonorrhea?

Super gonorrhea symptoms do not resolve within a week after a course of treatment like standard gonorrhea.


Stiff and painful joints.


Eye pain. 

Rectal bleeding and itching. 

Swollen glands in the neck.

man holding his crotch
man holding his crotch

Pain in the lower abdomen. 

It can contribute to pelvic inflammatory disease. 

It causes a burning sensation during urination. 

Discharge from the private parts.

How to prevent super gonorrhea.

If you have multiple sex partners, practice safe sex like using a condom every time you are having sexual intercourse.

Talk to your partner about contracting STIs and getting tested together regularly especially if you are having multiple sex partners.

In conclusion.

It is important that you get tested regularly for the infection even if you don’t have the symptoms so that you can catch and treat it early and avoid spreading the resistant strains.

You should follow the doctor’s instructions in case you test positive for a sexually transmitted infection. If left untreated, the STI  can contribute to health effects which include infertility for both men and women.

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