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Who’s Elsa Majimbo? Meet Kenyan Girl Taking Over The World

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Who’s Elsa Majimbo?

She is arguably one of the brightest stars to emerge from 2020 and since then she continues to hog international limelight in Kenyan, South African and US media outlets. If you haven’t seen her hilarious viral Instagram videos, which often feature tight closeups of the 19-year-old internet sensation rocking her Matrix-style tiny sunglasses then you have a lot of catching up to do mate.

So who is the Internet’s favorite comedian whose Instagram biography includes the titles “15x chess champion and professional bragger”? (Spoiler alert: only one of these claims is true.)

Here are just a few fun facts about Elsa Majimbo to get you started

She has 2.3 million Instagram followers


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That Majimbo is popular is no doubt i mean just look at her instagram followers and the reactions her posts generate. When she celebrated her birthday – preceded by joking videos requesting lavish gifts – Miss Universe, South African Zozibini Tunzi, and Tanzanian model Flaviana Matata were among the celebrities who wished her well on Instagram.

Her international popularity keeps soaring with every passing day. Majimbo has appeared on Comedy Central and has even been interviewed by Anderson Cooper, partnered with MAC cosmetics, and got a shout out from Lupita Nyong’o on Twitter. Her now-signature quotes have since become a popular soundtrack for many content creators’ social media posts.

She started from the bottom now she’s here

Elsa Majimbo. (Twitter)

Born and based in Nairobi, Kenya, Majimbo was studying journalism when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. She had approximately 7K followers back then).

While stuck at home during lockdown, the young, gifted and black teenager with natural comedic talent and timing began filming short Instagram video clips from her bedroom. The clips went viral, especially on TikTok and Instagram’s newer feature, Reels, where people posted themselves using the audio of Majimbo’s signature voice and laugh, along with her hilarious taglines.

Just like that Majimbo’s profile took off like wildfire, along with her love for binging on potato chips and streaming content.

The 19-year-old  recently got the utmost recognition from renowned US comedian Dave Chappelle who described how she made him feel during their first meeting. 

During an interview with Magical Kenya’s international ambassador Naomi Campbell, Dave said he first met Majimbo during a face time chat with Naomi. 

“Sweetest thing is when you said ‘Say hello to my friend’ and you told me she’s a young comedian. I’ll never forget how her face lit up when she saw me, it was so sweet men, made me feel really good,” he said.

During the same interview, Naomi revealed Majimbo was working on her visa and will move to the US in no time. 

She loves chess

Elsa Majimbo. (Forbes)

One of the things Majimbo is passionate about is chess, a skill which has earned her the title of 15-time chess champion. Although this is clearly stated in her Instagram biography, no one thinks she’s being serious.

She knows her stuff

Who’s Elsa Majimbo? Meet Kenyan Girl Taking Over The World 1

Majimbo conducts her business as exquisitely as a chess player. Just like a chess master, everything Majimbo does is intentional, calculating and thought out. She is always several steps ahead when it comes to plotting her next move.

Most recently, Majimbo dropped an ASMR-style song called “Snack Queen,” produced by Cautious Clay, to strategically coincide with the 2020 U.S. Thanksgiving.

Another tactic in Majimbo’s arsenal is consistency, a critical tool for successful chess players. In her case, there’s a lot of A/B testing when she posts her videos to Instagram, and measuring different segments of her content based on engagement. In other words: nothing is random.

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