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Popular nightlife hotspots in Dar es Salaam you need to check out

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Get a taste of Dar es Salaam nightlife

The friendly, raw energy you have experienced in the streets of Dar es salaam during the day doesn’t end there when nighttime knocks. The crowds come out in large numbers and are very lively, especially in places playing ‘taarab’ music (fast paced Swahili music style that blends traditional Swahili music with Arab influences. 

Dar’s biggest party night happens once a month at the Mediterranean Hotel and Restaurant. More than 500 people usually show up for a night with a variety of activities including dancing and drinking. Entry is just 7USD and it is advised to have your own transportation or hire a taxi that can wait for you all night long. 

Here are just some of the most popular spots to experience the best nightlife in Dar es Salaam: 

Runway Lounge

Situated on the second floor of the Shopper’s plaza on Old Bagamoyo Road, it has been described as the hottest after-dark venue and world class spot to drink. 

Sweet Eazy

A vibey restaurant and bar just behind Oyster Bay Hotel and is a popular spot to enjoy live music(often by cover bands such as Banana Zoro and B Band, a popular cheesy but fun performance) on Saturday nights. The admission fee is just 2USD. 

It is a great place to enjoy beer and cocktails. 

Garden Bistro

This is a restaurant and nightclub with the best stomach liners in the region, known as mshikaki(slabs of barbequed meat). 

It is situated at the far end of the Msasani Peninsula and is a clean pleasant place to enjoy your night. 

Level 8

If you are in for elegance, walk into this roof terrace bar found on the 8th floor of Hyatt Regency Kilimanjaro Hotel. Get to enjoy live music on most nights as well as great views of Dar and the harbor. 

Havoc Nightspot

Lovely ambience, colourful interior and exterior in a secure location where activities are well monitored, will ensure your night here is the best and trouble-free. They have a wide selection of beers and wines and the crowds here are mostly mature and decent. 

They have an in-house DJ to offer you the best in local and international hits. 

There are so many more bars and clubs in Dar es Salaam, where will your pub crawl begin? 


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