Ugandan women given practical lessons on Kacabali

Ugandan women get practical lessons on Kacabali

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Women and the elusive search for kacabali waters

Ugandan women are famous for wetting the bed. Not literally but with their highly sought after sweet Kacabali waters commonly known as squirting.

Getting a woman to release Kacabali is the ultimate sign of a man’s prowess in bed and many Ugandan men spend many hours mastering the art. Kacabali style involves a man holding his penis and tactfully hitting it on the clitoris while pushing it inside and out of the vagina until the woman squirts.

”Men get disappointed when they go out with women thinking they will get pleasure while playing sex but end up not getting the waters.” said Senga Winnie Nantume, a local sex expert.

Its the dream of every Ugandan Woman to experience Kacabali

Life is not fair and not all women can eject the kacabali waters. Those who, however, who know how to squirt experience so much joy that they end up ejecting so much Kacabali waters to the extent it can even go through a six inch mattress and leak into a small pool on the floor.

To help women experience the joys of releasing Kacabali water, Senga (Aunties) train brides on sex issues including how to get Kacabali before getting married.

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Sengas to the rescue

Nantume says it is for that reason that she has started teaching women on how to get kacabali waters. She also teaches men and women how to play kacabali.

Based in Kampala’s outskirts of Najjanankumbi, she says that she gets at least 6 clients per day. She charges each client UGsh30,000 for the training.

”Apart from training them on how to hit the kacabali I also teach them about the foods that makes a woman get the waters in plenty.”

How to get Kacabali

According to Nantume if a woman wants to get much waters she must take millet porridge and also take a lot of milk and yogurt. She also gives her clients local herbs which enhance the waters.

Kacabali style originated from Rwanda and western Uganda. Women from these regions have a lot of kabacali waters because they grow up eating millet poridge , they have many cows and therefore take a lot of milk and yogurt.

However for a men who knows how to play it well they can make any woman eject the waters at varied levels.


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