Tanzanian fined for soaking hotel bed in kacabali waters

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Tanzanian student fined for bedwetting in Uganda

A Tanzanian student has been fined UGX 50,000 for allegedly wetting the bed of a guest house in Kampala.

Abbas Mugota, a second-year Social Science student at Kampala university on Monday night went hunting for an escort at Kansanga on the outskirts of Kampala.

Went hunting for Rwandan escorts in Kansanga

Kansanga is a base for classy sex workers from Uganda and Rwanda.

The student did not go back to Tanzania following the recent Covid19 lockdowns and has been depending on his parents who often send him money.

According to his friend, Tony Kasamali, they went to drink in one of the backstreet bars that have defied the current COVID19 directive of ceasing operations.

Developed urge to experience kacabali sex

He said they took several beers and when they got tipsy, Mugota developed the idea of getting a Rwandan escort for kacabali sex.

“He told me that he wanted to experiment on kacabali sex style. I advised him to get a Rwandan slut because they are the most watery,” said Kasamali.

Kacabali sex style is alleged to have originated from Rwanda and became very popular in western Uganda districts that border Rwanda.

After getting a Rwandan sex worker, he booked a room in Jass guest house a trans night sex marathon.

Kasamali got shocked when Mugota called him in the morning saying he had been held by the management of Jass guest house for bedwetting.

The management was demanding 50,000 Uganda shillings as a fine for wetting the mattress but he only had 10,000 on him.

Guesthouse inspects mattresses during check out

“I rushed to the guest house and bailed him out. The kacabali water had gone through a 4-inch mattress and spilled under the bed,” said Kasamali.

Mugota said that even though he felt embarrassed, he does not regret the action that led to his being fined. He said it was the best sex experience he’s had so far.

Workers of the guest house inspect the bed when clients are checking out to ensure the mattress is in good shape.


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