Freshly Mwamburi: Stella Eloped With Her Japanese Lecturer Yet I Funded Her Lifestyle In Japan

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Freshly Mwamburi’s Wife Says She Is On Good Terms With Stella

17th May 2023 marks exactly 21 years since Stella returned from Japan with her Japanese lecturer as sung in a song labelled “Stella Wangu” by popular singer Freshly Mwamburi. Every single year the singer recalls how “Stella” a girl he loved deeply and sacrificed a lot for toyed with his heart. Freshly met Stella when she was 16 and he was in his twenties.

The young lass was studying in a college just next to his place of work as they both dated before she left for Japan for studies. Freshly funded Stella’s lifestyle and education in Japan and her airfare back home only for her to turn up with her lecturer at the airport.

Freshly Mwamburi and his wife
Freshly Mwamburi and his wife

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Despite the “Stella Wangu” hitmaker selling his car to fund Stella’s lifestyle in Japan in turn, she fell in love with her four-foot Japanese lecturer and they settled in Japan. Freshly was heartbroken but learnt a lesson from the experience. He maintains that no man should send fare to a woman unless he is sending it to his wife.

In a recent interview, BBC tried reaching out to Stella but she declined the call. Despite being on social media, Stella remains unreachable and never contacts Freshly. In a recent interview, Mwamburi revealed, “Stella is on social media, but it is very hard to talk to her. BBC tried to talk to her and I called her and she refused. She is someone else’s wife now. We have to respect that,”

Years later Mwamburi got married to his wife Dorcas for over 21 years and has five children. His wife has stood by him all through the hardships. In a recent interview, Freshly revealed that Dorcas doesn’t mind all the hype that surrounds Stella adding that they are on good terms. She asserts, “She held the position for a while, but it was supposed to be mine and I am here now!”

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