Nigerian Lesbian Couple Ties The Knot In A Beautiful Ceremony

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Lesbian Couple Ties The Knot In United States

A Nigerian doctor based in the U.S. Elizabeth Ekpo has gotten married to her lover, Krystle in New Orleans, United States. One of the bride’s sisters took to Facebook to announce the good news and shared beautiful moments of the wedding. Krystle’s sister announced that her sister got married to the love of her life, Dr Elizabeth Ekpo in NOLA.

The caption read, “My baby sister Krystle got married to the love of her life, Dr Elizabeth Ekpo, this past weekend in NOLA. I gained an additional sister Liz. I wish both of you happiness and joy forever. Congratulations. I Love you all Always #marriedtomednola.”Elizabeth and Krystle who have been advocates for LGBTQ+ community rights and visibility in their country chose to walk down the aisle in the United States since same-sex marriage is legally recognized there.

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Speaking at the ceremony Elizabeth celebrated the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ community. She said, “Today, we celebrate not just our love for each other but also the resilience and strength of the LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria and around the world. Our marriage represents a milestone in the ongoing battle for equality and serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries.”
The couple’s union was met with a lot of support from well-wishers across the globe as many took to social media to send hearty messages with the hashtag #LoveHasNoBoundaries.

Nigerian still criminalizes same-sex marriages and LGBTQ communities face prosecution and societal discrimination. Their wedding story is likely to raise awareness and spark conversations on LGBTQ topics, challenge societal norms and foster dialogue in Nigeria and other countries around the globe.
Dr Elizabeth Ekpo and Krystle Ekpo’s journey stand as a symbol of love and commitment and represent a step forward in the battle for acceptance worldwide.
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