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Dry Dating And Other Top Dating Trends In 2023

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2023 Dating Trends According To Experts

Every new year brings along a slew of new trends be it fashion trends, sleep trends and yes dating trends too. If you are sick of endless app scrolling or you are thinking about bouncing back to dating after the end of your relationship, you are likely to come across these dating trends that will determine how you find love this 2023: 

Wander Love 

After being stuck at home for a long time during COVID, a number of people are now considering long-distance love. People are interested in travelling and that transcends to their love lives as well. According to Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, 33% of Bumble members confirm that they are open to dating people who are not in their city.

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Ethical Sex-Ploration

According to research by the social networking app, there are changing attitudes about what people feel about being in monogamous relationships. Bumble found out that 16% of American respondents recently considered a non-monogamous relationship, a figure that is higher than the global average of 14%. Bumble stipulates that 42% of global residents are approaching sex and dating in an open way.

Open Casting 

According to Bumble, it’s time you do away with the physical requirements and things beyond your typical physical “type” when dating this year. According to their findings, Bumble records that 38% of people across the world are now open to whoever they are dating.

Open cast dating
Open Casting

28% of the people are placing less emphasis on dating people that others would expect them to date. So what do we learn from this? Forget those fantasies of the person you think you might end up with and date outside your comfort zone as it may turn out to be a game-changer.

Infla Dating 

It’s a no-brainer that prices of almost everything have been skyrocketing in recent times. This year, daters are rethinking the need for high-end dates in the move that experts have labelled as inflate-dating. According to a survey by a dating site labelled Plenty of Fish, single millennials and Gen Z-ers have opted for budget-friendly and less expensive dates.

Dry Dating 

More millennials and Gen Z are considering sober curious lifestyles. Studies by The National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) show that people in this generation are reexamining their relationships with alcohol.NPHIC says, “Both generations have embraced sobriety over alcohol consumption. They have forced the alcohol industry to revamp how and what they market and sell.

There’s been a significant shift in what bars serve, even establishing all dry avenues” NPHIC survey stipulates that 34% of global daters are more likely to consider dry dates than they were pre-pandemic. 29 per cent of Americans also believe norms around drinking and also dating are shifting.

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