source of river nile

Source of river Nile turned into source of love

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Source of river Nile becomes a source of love

The source of River Nile has for a long time been a source of tourism but recently it has turned into a source of love where people meet for sex affairs. Some of those affairs end up in marriage.

Both young and older European women looking for love in Uganda start their quest at the source of Nile.

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Likewise, some Ugandan men and a few from neighboring countries visit the place to poach white women.

Young Ugandan men elope to Europe with their newly found lovers

The source of the longest river in the world, The Nile, is based at Jinja in Uganda’s eastern region of Busoga. But the local young men are the biggest beneficiaries.

A Councillor in Jinja town where the tourist attraction is located, Bernard Mudhasi said, “Many young men have got rich women who come here looking for them. A good number of young men hook up with white women and elope with their newly found lovers to Europe.”

He said most of the elderly women come from Denmark, UK, and the Netherlands.

Money is their weapon

Mudhasi also pointed out that most of the young girls who come for fun are from USA and UK, revealing that they come with a lot of money.

”They come with a lot of money which they spend on the young men for sex and drinks,” he said.

Every year, over 1 million local and foreign tourists visit the place to marvel at the beauty of the great river.


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