How to catch your cheating spouse

Husband secretly places CCTV in the bedroom and catches wife with Shamba boy

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Vagina too big for comfort

A housewife in eastern town of Mbale has been sent packing after her husband discovered that she was being fucked by the shamba boy.

This came about after her husband got suspicious when he noticed that his wife’s vagina had widened tremendously. 

Daniel Mugaba, 30, a businessman who deals in pineapples recently got concerned that his wife was no longer interested in playing sex with him. He also observed that when the woman accepted to play sex with him once in a while, the vagina seemed to be a little too big for his pleasure and comfort.

Hatches a plan

Mr. Mugaba then confided in one of his closest friend, William Kintu, who is a primary school teacher. Kintu intimated that there must be someone fucking his wife when he goes to work. He advised him to lay a trap and catch her in the act.

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Camera Never Lies

Without his wife knowing of the secret plot, Mugaba placed a CCTV camera in their bedroom. To pull it off, he sent her to do some shopping and with help of a technician hurriedly placed the CCTV in the bedroom.

Reviewing the CCTV 2 days later, he was shocked on seeing that their shamba boy was fucking his wife and even played kachabali sex style whenever he left for work.

With that he got his answer why she never wanted to play sex with her because she was always sexually satisfied and that her vagina had become wide due to the Kachabali style used to fuck her,

Sent Packing

Mr. Mugaba then got mad and beat his wife to a pulp before sending her out of their home.

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