Record number of rapes - 24 rapes a day - reported in London in just a year

Record number of rapes – 24 rapes a day – reported in London in just a year

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Rape skyrockets in London

About 24 rapes occurs in the City of London daily according to the latest police records.

Rape and sex offences recorded by Police hit a record high last year sending residents and authorities into waves of utter shock.

Official figures revealed on Thursday by the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of rapes in London in 2021 rose by 19 percent to hit a new high of 8,873 offences. That is equivalent to about 24 rapes a day and amounted to an additional 1,409 rapes carried out in the 12-month period compared with a year earlier according to the standard.

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Record number of rapes - 24 rapes a day - reported in London in just a year

No sign of relief

At the same time, sexual offences reported to the Met and City of London police also reached an all-time high of 23,848 such crimes. That was 26 percent up on a year earlier.

it is not London alone, however, that is ‘burning’ with sex offences. United Kingdom reported similar increases in rape and sexual offending elsewhere in the country.

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A total of 67,125 cases of rapes were recorded by police across England and Wales while sexual offences hit record high of 183,587.

In an attempt to make sense of the worrying trend, Office for National Statistics says the “high-profile incidents, media coverage, and campaigns” might have encouraged more people to report crimes, as well as a “potential increase in victims”.

However, despite the sharp rise of sex offences being reported there has been near record low prosecution rates and severe court backlogs which impedes the justice process. It’s therefore understandable that there is heighten concern about the number of women falling victim to rape.


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