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Priest in Uganda Rapes Latvian tourist

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Holy Fuck! Priest in Uganda rapes Latvian tourist

Priest in Uganda rapes Latvian tourist leading to his arrest, alongside three police officers, for allegedly raping a Latvian woman who was on a tour of the pearl of Africa.

According to Uganda police spokesman, Fred Enanga, the pastor who forced the woman into the act of sex is called Joseph Collins Twahirwa. The reports indicate that the woman was defrauded of her money and her passport confiscated.

The 36 yr old Latvian woman who was raped has been only identified as Anda and had been invited by the priest about a month ago.

Enanga said that Anda told police that she got the pastor’s contact while in her home country. She informed him that she was coming to tour Uganda and asked him to book for him a hotel where she would stay while in Uganda.

She noted that when she arrived in Uganda and asked the pastor which hotel he had booked for her the priest was reluctant to respond and instead took her to his home.

While at the pastor’s home, he took all the money she had come with before raping her several times during the night.

In the morning, Anda reported the case of rape at Jinja road police station.But the pastor bribed the police and instead of arresting him, they arrested the tourist.

After some time they released her after making her sign a document indicating that she had no case against the pastor.

She contacted some journalists and told them about her plight. They helped her to contact the police leadership which arrested the pastor and the 3 policemen who were bribed to torture her.

The victim has accused the officers of locking her up in a cell and forcing her to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of her money and withdrawing the case against the priest.

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