Catholic Priest Defiles Under Age Girl in Uganda 1

Catholic Priest Defiles Under Age Girl in Uganda

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Not So Holy Fuck: Catholic Priest Defiles Under Age Girl

A Catholic priest in eastern Uganda district of Busia has been arrested by police on allegations of defiling an under age student.

According to police, the priest, name withheld, was arrested after parents of a 16 yr old girl, also name withheld because she is a minor, who sat for primary leaving examinations last year reported him to police.

As reported by theMonitor, the girl narrated to police that when she went to the priest’s house, where he had called her, she found him seated in his seating room drinking whisky. He gave her some bottles of soda as he told her that he was going to place her in a boarding secondary school and was also to pay her school fees.

The girl thanked him and praised him for being a good priest who help the poor people like her.She then said she wanted to go home because it was getting late.

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But the priest, whom she said had by that time become drunk, grabbed her and pulled her to his bedroom and raped her vigorously.

She said he broke her virginity and she felt a lot of pain as he fucked her.She begged him to stop but he simply fucked her harder. She said he fucked her three rounds without using condoms.

He gave the girl 20,000 shillings and told her not to talk about the incident.
However, the girls told her parents what had happened and they reported to police leading to his arrest. 

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