Tricks Tourists Use To Get Hitched To Young Girls and Boys In Kenya and Tanzania

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Oh Gosh! Not only do they have fantastic parks with fascinating animals, but also gorgeous girls and fabulous boys

There are tourists who tour Africa purely to explore, interact with, marvel at fauna or flora, and there are those who fall in love with human beings in those destinations. For those whose sole mission is to get themselves partners whether for a short term pleasure or long-term relationship, doing research on the best locations to pick would be partners before boarding the plane, is mandatory. Some do check out social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tic Toc, among others, so as to connect well in advance before hooking up with them. 

However, this is not to say that the only way these tourists find girls and boys for romance is through social media. Some are lovestruck while on expeditions in the destination countries. They fall in love with beach boys, club revellers, night club employees such as waitresses and waiters, tour agency employees like drivers and guides, among others. 

In Kenya, the most common locations with clubs and hotels are resort towns in the Rift Valley, at the Coast, as well as in the capital city Nairobi. Other obvious areas are game reserves like Maasai Mara, Nakuru, Tsavo, Samburu, Amboseli, among others. The same case applies in Tanzania. Towns like Arusha, Zanzibar, as well as Lodges in Ngorongoro and Serengeti game reserves are awash with this phenomenon.

Most of these tourists who look for  a romantic relationship with girls and boys are old, divorced, separated, monied, retired and enjoying their pension money. Others, even though still legally married, have left wives\ husbands and children at home, and may just have gotten amazed by the real African vibe. The utopian feeling that engulfs one when in a foreign country is suspect a great deal. There are those tourists who find this a perfect scapegoat to explore philandering. It’s a relief from boringly nagging partners back home.

So what tricks do these tourists use to get hitched to girls and boys especially in Kenya and Tanzania? I have personally witnessed a fellow male tour guide getting spotted and picked for a romantic affair by an old tired and haggard white female tourist. Tourists who have the intention of hooking up with these Africans have studied the mood on the ground in terms of living standard and availability of job opportunities.

For an instant  hookup, there are circumstances that lay the ground for that to happen. For instance, as tour guide or tour driver, there are those occasions which are planned for in the itinerary, where there should be an interactive moment with the tourists. Before any game takes place, tourists must be briefed about the most important aspects of a park, animals, weather, road network, fees rules, and regulations.

During these sessions, a tourist gets a perfect opportunity to prey on their targets. They over complement, throw suggestive facial expressions, ask queer questions, and pretend that they did not understand the briefing and would wish to have a one on one  clarification. So when the target avails themselves to clarify or brief further, the tourist  seizes the opportune moment and declares the intention. What follows is flirting and unusual tokens of appreciations, such as tips.

Another example is when a would be lover approaches a housekeeper wanting to know more about minimum wage, job benefits, and the living standards for workers in general. As an African you know how poorly paid most employees in this sectors are. How perfect this is! The obvious answer, will create a perfect start point for the conversation. The tourist will pretend to or will honestly empathize with the new catch to be. Suggestions such as, ” How about I find you a better job abroad, or sponsor you to start your own tour agency?” Which girl or boy will resist this?

A number of employees in game lodges like Keekorok, Siana, Samburu game Lodge, Serengeti Mawe Tented Camp, Asanja Africa, among many. Let’s look at the tricks applied to net these young Africans.

# 1. Promise of  A Better Nationality

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Finally I am gonna live abroad

The ecstasy that comes with the thought of travelling and settling abroad, makes it much easier for these young people to fall for old tourists. For sure, some tourists do fulfil their promises, but that is just a small percentage compared to those who fail to do so after sucking dry the energy, virility and vitality of these young girls and boys.

# 2. They dangle money 

Money buys and does everything. Some of these tourists are genuinely rich. Adrenaline rushes when a young girl or boy sees money getting flashed. Eyes stop seeing, they fall in love because literally they are blind. The huge age difference counts the least. This money can pay rent, can afford partying and travelling.

# 3. They promise to marry these young girls and boys

Marriage to most people is the ultimate social achievement. It is like the way every politician dreams of becoming president before they die. For girls especially, that sounds very interesting. A girl can still get paged by an older partner unlike their opposite gender. For young males, this is a ticket to the realm of childlessness. If an old woman experiencing menopause, marries a young man, and stays with him for long, he enjoys life without being able to leave a biological legacy long after he ceases to exist. 

# 4. They create some sort of being more understanding

This fallacy that a person from a different race is more romantic than your own, is one trick these tourists have used to their own advantage. They present themselves as more refined in terms of handling relationships. This applies to those whose only idea of a good relationship is the ability of your partner to be able to make you swim in lots of money. Pure poverty makes one’s thinking capacity shrink. Why shouldn’t one ask themselves, if this person purports  to be better at romantic relationships than others, what took them this long to find a partner?

# 5. They act protective

For girls especially, this act is a pulling factor. For instance, when the young partner wants to move from one place to another, the old tourist will suggest that taking an Uber is much safer. They say this mode of transport helps avoid mugging, and any other unfortunate incidents.


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