Meet Ugandan men who can't stop suckling breast milk and compete with babies

Meet Ugandan men who can’t stop suckling breast milk and compete with babies

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Some women in Uganda have come out and bitterly complained that their babies don’t get enough milk because some men like to suckle their breasts.

During the world breastfeeding day ceremony held in Kampala, several women came up with complaints that while in their breastfeeding periods their husbands usually force themselves on their breasts and they end up sharing the milk with the babies.

Fina Namusisi is just one of the victims.

”My husband suckles my breasts whenever I get a new baby. I tried to stop him but he said that he enjoys it very much.” She said.

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Namusisi added that they have three babies and during their breastfeeding days they were forced to share breath-milk with their father.

Another woman, Lynn Amooti said that her husband beat her up when she attempted to deny him sucking her breasts while she was breastfeeding .

” These scars on my face came after being beaten by my husband when I tried to stop him from sharing my breasts with my baby.” Amooti said.

Meet Ugandan men who can't stop suckling breast milk and compete with babies. (Romper)

She said that she reported her husband to the police and they called him to reconcile with her which she accepted his apology in front of police officers. However, when they went back home, after a few days he humbly begged her to let him suckle the breasts because he enjoyed it very much.

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She has since accepted to allow him to suckle so long as he did so after she is done breastfeeding the baby to its fill.

The police officer in charge of family affairs, Hellen Akello advised women to desists their men from suckling their breasts .

”You should not give in to them.They are not supposed to share breasts with your babies. If they try to force you to breastfeed them report to the nearest police.”


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