Man in Uganda Weds 7 Wives on Same Day 1

Man in Uganda Weds 7 Wives on Same Day

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How This Man Pulled Off the Ultimate Wedding; Ugandan Man Weds 7 Wives

Residents of Nakifuma, in Uganda’s central district of Mukono over the weekend witnessed a historic wedding occasion, after Hajj Habib Nsikonnene, a businessman in the area took on a parade and weds 7 wives at a go, including two siblings from the same family.

On Sunday Hajj Nsikonnene exchanged marital vows with his seven wives, before holding a massive reception attended by hundreds at his home.
The event happened in Kijjo-Namasengere village, Nakifuma Sub County, in Mukono district, central Uganda.

Featured on the Uganda Daily Express, two of the ladies, according to residents interviewed, are sisters, while two other women share the first name Aisha. Rashidah, Aisha, Fatuma, Shanifah, Mariam, Zainah, and still another Aisha were all mentioned as the seven spouses by their first names. 


The historic event began at around 8 a.m., when the ladies were driven to nearby salons for hair style before being put in waiting Super Custom vans with personalized license plates bearing the names of each bride.

After the religious rite, Hajj Nsikonnene and his wives held a big procession led by bodaboda cyclists, through the towns of Kalagi, Kasana, and Nakifuma, before arriving at their home at 6 pm in the evening.

Nsikonnene while speaking at the reception, thanked his women for accepting him. He said that , he was initially introduced to each of his women’s parents before convening a collective ceremony at his own residence.
Despite the Muslim faith honoring polygamy but with a limit of four wives per husband, Habib defied the norms by marrying 7 but claimed he has the capacity to look after them properly.

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