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Mo Aisha: Mungai Mbaya’s Ex-Girlfriend Caught Pants Down With Naked Lady

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(VIDEO) Naked Lady Captured Romancing Mungai Mbaya’s Ex-Girlfriend

A curvaceous naked lady has been caught romancing Mo Aisha in a video that has since gone viral. In the video that has been shared on Edgar Obare’s BNN channel, Aisha is seen enjoying the sensation since she even fondles her own breasts as the unidentified lady is seen running her hands all over Mo Aisha’s naked sexy body.

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The video goes viral months after Mbaya revealed in a past interview about being involved in a throuple relationship. Speaking during a past interview on Mungai Eve’s Youtube Channel, Mbaya revealed that his girlfriend revealed that she is bisexual and wouldn’t decline when his girlfriend brought an extra party to bed adding that he loved her deeply.

“She came out and said she is bisexual. In a relationship, the two of you set the tone and know how to plan yourselves. The way I am, if there’s is something I can do to make you happy I will do it or if there is something you love to do, I will let you do it. She met somebody and they had a connection. What people think out there is that I had two girlfriends but the truth is she was my girlfriend’s girlfriend. It got to a point now we wanted to try out being together, it’s called a throuple,” he said.

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The third party however cut herself from the relationship a few months into the relationship since she met someone who loved her deeply. Speaking about his fallout with Aisha, Mbaya revealed that the two parted after the loss of their son Lyric. He said the two grew apart and gave up on trying to fix their relationship.

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Here’s Aisha and the unidentified lady’s video that has since gone viral:


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