Man goes berserk after being served used condoms as lunch by wife

Man goes berserk after being served used condoms as lunch by wife

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Feeling hungry? Have some tasty used condoms

A man in Buikwe district in Central Uganda got the shock of his life after being served used condoms as lunch by his wife.

Alex Bondole, a resident of Kiyindi village is currently cooling his heels in police cell after going berserk and beating his wife to a comma. According to police reports Bondole was served with four used condoms on a plate covered with another plate and ‘innocently’ placed on table by the wife.

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Feeling hungry, the man removed the top plate ready to dig in only to realize that instead of food there were 4 used condoms.

”We later established that his wife had been away for several days having gone to attend burial of her father While away, her husband brought a sex worker and they used 4 condoms while playing sex. They then threw the used condoms under the bed.” said police officer Charles Waidye.

After being served the ‘disgusting meal’ Bondole, descended on his wife with kicks and blows accusing her of disrespecting him.

When the woman recovered from her comma, she told police that she was annoyed when she discovered the used condoms under the bed. She later got information from neighbors that her husband had brought home a sex worker.

Seething with rage she decided to serve her husband the used condoms as lunch.

The man is scheduled to be taken to court and charged with assaulting  his wife.


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