Kachabali Untamed: Ugandan Man Chases Wife For Not Squirting 1

Kachabali Untamed: Ugandan Man Chases Wife For Not Squirting

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Man Sends Away Woman For Not Giving him Kachabali

40 year Rwandan man living in Uganda shocked his neighbors when he sent away a woman he had just married claiming that she was dry and could not give him the much desired kachabali experience.

Pius Kalaro, reportedly traditionally married a woman from northern Uganda district of Amuru.

The incident took place in central Uganda district of Mpigi in a village called Kiringante.

According to one of his neighbors,Patrick Kagambe, Kalaro who works as mechanic in Mpigi town a few weeks ago married a 29 year woman.Kagambe said that Kalaro went for the traditional marriage ceremony in Amuru district with a group of people from Kiringante village who even contributed some money to make the function colorful.

Kagambe said that they got surprised recently when Kalaro sent the woman parking. He quarreled with the woman in the morning and later sent her away.He threw her property out side when she resisted going way,

Some women advised Kalaro’s wife not to simply walk away but instead go and report the man to the local village chief.

The village chief convened the village court and Kalaro was summoned. Asked why he had sent away his wife,he did not mince his words. He said he was sending her away because she was sexually dry. He added that his tribe plays sex using Kachabali style which leads to the women’s private parts producing a lot of sex waters during sex but his wife did not produce any.
On hearing that the woman, simply walked away.

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