How to peacefully end a relationship.

How to peacefully end a relationship

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Walking away gracefully is never easy

In life, whatever has a beginning has an end and nothing brings this home like a relationship. Today you are smiling ear to ear and madly in love swearing you can never go a day without seeing them then come tomorrow and you are sworn enemies who can’t see eye to eye.

Heart breaks are never easy and how to peacefully end the whole thing is even more complicated. In reality, there is no right or “best” way to break up but here are a few tips to help you peacefully walk away from a relationship.

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Do it face-to-face

Unless your partner has a history of flying off the handle and going berserk whenever things don’t go their way, always try to end a relationship face to face. If you’ve ever been dumped by text or email, you know how it hurts even more because of the sheer lack of consideration.  Your partner deserves the dignity of a face-to-face final conversation so give them one and part ways amicably.

Avoid turning the other person into “the bad guy

No matter how wronged you might feel, don’t lump blanket accusations on your partner and term them all bad. Despite their shortcomings there is something good about them which attracted you in the first place.  Nobody’s perfect and you have faults too, and turning your ex-partner into an evil figure is not helpful. 

Call it quits in public

Calling it quits is not child play and one partner always feels wronged and therefore in their rage they might even want to harm you.  There is enough cases of lovers even commiting murder after a break up in typical fashion of ‘If I can’t have you nobody will’.

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So it’s always advisable to end your relationship in a public space where help can come quickly in case things get out of hand.

Public spaces you can go to talk and say your goodbyes include coffee houses, shopping malls, clubs and public parks.

Make a clean breakup

While breaking up you might be tempted to suggest being friends even after you call it quits especially if you feel bad about the breakup. This is, however, not helpful and you will only be making things even worse so the other partner might guilt trip you to call the breakup off.  You also risk never really moving on so after a break up try to out of other other space to allow you guys to heal and move on.  Remember it might still be possible to be friends again down the road, but this at the right time.


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