Government official rapes school teacher who ‘played too hard’ to get and posts it on social media

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Government official rapes school teacher

A local leader is on the run after raping a school teacher before posting the despicable act on social media. Police in central Uganda district of Kalungu have launched investigations against the government officer who has since been identified as Kizito Wavamuno.

His victim is a primary school teacher called Betty Nakafero who reported the case at the police station after seeing the video clip being circulated on social media.

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How the dirty deed went down

In an interview, Nakafero said that Mr. Wavamuno went to her house and drugged her before brutally raping her.

“At my house he came and sat near me while waving a handkerchief near my nose. I then lost consciousnesses for a short while before i regained it. When i came back to my senses i was horrified to realise that he was vigorously fucking me without my consent.”

According to Nakafero, after he was finished the government officer got off her and boasted that she has always played hard to get and denying him sex but this time he conquered her and had his way.

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Afraid of the stigma, Nakafero had decided to keep quite about the incident but was horrified to discover that Wavamuno had recorded the incident and posted it on social media bringing her untold pain and ridicule. Wherever she would go people would laugh at her.  At school it was even worse since the students got wind of it and now backbite her whenever she is at the school compound.


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