Ugandan clinical officer turns tables on woman and brutally rapes her in hospital. (New age)

Ugandan clinical officer turns tables on woman and brutally rapes her in hospital

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Clinical officer from hell

A clinical officer is cooling his heels in police cell and is set to be slapped with a lengthy prison sentence after he brutally raped a woman who had gone to seek medical attention in the hospital.

The culprit has been identified as Juma Toola and is currently holed up in Buwenge central police station.

How the clinical officer turned tables on patient

According to police, a 20-year-old patient had gone for a dilation and curettage procedure after suffering a miscarriage. While at the hospital Toola pounced on her, locked her up in the examination room, covered her mouth and brutally raped her repeatedly.

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After completing his despicable deed, the clinical officer went into hiding.

Woman reports to the police

Traumatised and weak, the woman reported the matter to the police and was subjected to an examination by police Vincent surgeon Dr Masinde who confirmed that indeed she had been raped.

The police  Doctor’s report which didn’t disclose the victim’s name for security reasons indicated she had sustained tears in her private parts and also lost a lot of blood.

Rapist clinical officer arrested

Area police spokesman, James Mubi said the culprit has since been arrested by the police from his hiding hole.

Mr. Toola has been slapped with rape charges and is set to appear in court once his file is complete.


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