How to tame a bedroom bully

For ladies: Here’s How To Tame A Bedroom Bully

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3 Important Tips To Help You Tame Your Bedroom Bully

Most ladies love and hate controlling men in equal measure. A bedroom bully can be aggressive, dominating, and sweet during sexual activity. The first rule to taming your bedroom bully is to accept him for who he is, yes, with all the flaws written all over him.

When you take him for who he is without judging, criticizing, nagging, or shouting at him aimlessly, he will open up to you and will be more receptive to you.

  You also level the playing field and are able to propel the relationship to whatever level you desire as well as create an open doorway in which you can pop in and own that which you desire.

Whisper Sweet Nothings In His Ears

Studies have shown that most men who cheat in relationships do so because they don’t feel appreciated enough by their women. I suppose you don’t want to lose your bedroom bully for another lady, right? If so, learn to whisper sweet things in his ears every time he does something amazing to you.

photo of a bedroom bully talking dirty
photo of a bedroom bully talking dirty

Also, rack your brains on the things you love about him, those that you wish he doesn’t change at all. Tell him about them and praise this tiger big time! This will make him feel like a better man who is appreciated by the woman by his side. This will even make your relationship more pleasurable.

Lower Your Voice Woman! 

Men tend to run away from women who speak in high-pitched or loud voices because they make them feel belittled or emasculated. So, next time if you really want him to do something for you, do it in a low pitch as you hug or caress him and watch how he argues less and gives in to your demands.

If you still insist on shouting at him, sit and watch him run away from you to the arms of someone who will soothe him to sleep.

Remain A Mystery 

If you want to beat this bad boy at his own game, you got to remain an enigma. The rule is to never disclose your intentions or emotions to him as he can use them to his advantage.

Remain a mystery if you want to tame a bedroom bully
Remain a mystery if you want to tame a bedroom bully

Since most bad boys are unpredictable and a mystery too, they long to snag their female version. Don’t allow him to fully comprehend your moves rather let him put in the work to unearth the enigmatic woman. Over to you as you tame that bully.

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