6 Tips To Spice Up Your Sexting Game

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How To Send Raunchy Sexts To Your Partner.

Sexting is thought to be one of the greatest ways to create intimacy between partners as there are very minimal negative outcomes in couple relationships. On the flip side, sexts are bound to cause serious problems if you are fucking some nasty babe on the side.

Away from that, you can still keep your phone to yourself and sext to feel all your partners closer to you. I suppose you are a smart player. Here are tips to consider when sending sexts: 

Voice Notes are sexy too! 

You can go the extra mile and incorporate sexy voice notes in your sexts. Use your natural voice as forcing a sexy voice could turn your partner off. Consider recording sounds of you playing with yourself and the sounds you make as you play with yourself just to arouse your partner and get him off.

More effort should go into the visuals. 


The bread and butter of sexting are visuals which include sending sensual videos and photos. The quality of videos and photos can make or break the experience. It’s up to you to be proactive with the kind of photos you share.  Take the photos from angles that can show your erogenous zones like the booty and boobs. Remember that angles are key!

Play your role right.

You should keep in mind that when you are sexting, you are the one in control of the situation. You play the role of a partner who is horny and ready to get dirty and freaky. Therefore, you should use your sexy voice, photos, and words to paint a fantasy in your partner’s mind so that you can arouse them and make them crave you.

Proper timing is essential. 

Determining the best time to send that dirty text is the first step to sexting. You don’t want to catch your partner off guard with a dirty text. If they are hanging out with their friends or having a business meeting it’s prolly not the right time to send that crazy text. If you are not sure what they are doing, it is important to ask them first what they are up to before deciding to get dirty.

Prepare to ask all the sexy questions.

sexy woman asking all naughty questions
naughty woman asking all sexy questions

This is an opportune time to ask your partner questions about what turns him on. This will also make you determine what your partner wants and is thinking about. It will also help you paint an image of their sexual fantasies in your imagination.

You can ask him what turns him on and what he wants you to do to him the next time you place your hands on him. Predetermined questions make you two move things at a fast speed and it also prevents you two from having an awkward moment when sexting.

Don’t go past your comfort zone.

In as much as you want to excite your partner when sexting them, remember it doesn’t have to be crazy all through as sexting can also be innocent. You can share nudes and texts that make you a bit uncomfortable but you don’t have to send those that make you feel like disappearing from the face of the world.

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