Testicle Play: 8 Sensational Ways to Touch His Testicles

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How to play with his testicles like a pro

Alot of women are clueless about what to do with the pair of testicles during sex. Some are not aware that the little chaps need to be involved during sex since they are very sensitive and deserve some pleasure too! Here’s how to play with each of his testicles and make his toes curl:

Touch Them

Balls are sensitive chaps so, if you go rough on them it is likely that you will spoil the entire mood during sex. This doesn’t mean that you should be scared of holding them. Be gentle and slow when you grasp them at first and let your partner guide you on whether you should tighten or loosen the grip.

Tag a cock ring

Such rings are designed in a way that they can stretch to hold the entire girth of the base of his balls. They restrict the blood flow so your man will feel more sensitive to his balls, become stiff, and last even longer between the sheets.

Massage the perineum

This patch of skin between his balls and anus is a supersensitive area. Massaging this area is an indirect way to massage his prostrate gland (p-spot). Rub this area for a long time and watch your man get an earth-shattering orgasm.
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Tongue action on the balls

Put the testicles into your mouth as you gently suck on them. You can combine this suction with a little tongue action. Send him to the edge by gently swirling your tongue around each testis.

Tag the lube along

Adding lube to the whole experience adds sensations to what your partner is feeling. It also makes the transition from one testicle play to another easy and smooth as it reduces friction. Warm your hands before spreading the lube in your hands so as not to shock your partner with a cold touch.

Put your rings aside

For careful handling of the testicles, handcare is necessary and this starts with taking off your rings. You should also cut your nails and shape them since sharp edges can cut that sensitive scrotal skin.

Tea Bagging

If you want to explore this kink that is well known as cock worship, you need to be submissive to your partner. As the name suggests, this pleasurable activity is just like dipping a teabag in and out of hot water. Therefore, your partner will dip his balls in and out of your mouth.

Don’t twist the balls

I know you have read a lot of misleading information about sex “experts” telling you to play with the balls as you would with small medicine balls. Don’t even think about doing that! The left ball needs to remain at the left and the right ball needs to stay at its position. You shouldn’t by any means try to twist them as it may cause pain and damage too.

Bottom line:

Change your style so that you accommodate him, and be sure to ask whether every single move you make turns him on so that you can give him deep sensations.

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