From the installation ceremony for Bishop Megan Rohrer. Photo courtesy the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Photo by Gareth Gooch and Bill Wilson.

Meet the first openly transgender bishop who wears a bullet proof vest

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Wonders will never cease

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has installed its first openly transgender bishop, becoming the first mainstream US Christian denomination to do so.

On Saturday, Rev. Megan Rohrer was installed as the first openly transgender bishop during an installation ceremony held in San Francisco. Rev. Rohrer becomes the fifth bishop in the history of the Sierra Pacific Synod in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America — the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States.

The ceremony was witnessed by nearly all 65 ELCA bishops, along with several dozen pastors from the Sierra Pacific Synod, according to ELCA communications coordinator Catherine Slabaugh.

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Bishop Megan Rohrer, wore a bulletproof vest during the ceremony and told the media he wants to “expand the imagination of those who could never imagine that trans people’s lives could be fabulous and faithful”.

“Today is a humbling kind of day,” Rohrer said in a press conference before the ceremony.

Wearing the red vestments reserved for Pentecost Sunday and special occasions, the bishops participated in a Eucharist service that concluded with Rohrer’s official presentation as bishop.

One day after Rohrer’s installation, the ELCA also welcomed its first openly lesbian bishop, Rev. Brenda Bos, who serves the Southwest California Synod.



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