Done with heartbreak? Here are Tips To Get Back In The Dating Game

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How To Get Back In The Dating Game

Heartbreaks are hard and hurt like hell. Getting back to the game can be even harder if you don’t know the ropes since you risk getting hurt even more in the process or sabotaging a really good relationship if you don’t know what to do.

Most men try the old-school method of drinking themselves into oblivion, which results in a false bravado. Then they locate a drunken woman, get her number and hope that she’s half as hot as his drunk self thought. Will she be? No. Will it restore your confidence? No. If you haven’t had a date with a woman/man for months and now feel you are ready to hit the market then this is for you.

So if you are finally done with your heartbreak, Here are Tips To Get Back In The Dating Game.

Forget the past

It’s about time you said goodbye to the past and embrace the future.

If you want to be in a relationship that works out, the last thing you should do is keep holding on to the past.

If you think you’re ready to move on, make sure he isn’t on your mind anymore. Not only should you not think of him, you shouldn’t talk about him to or compare him with any new man you meet.

Get to know yourself – Know thyself

Before jumping back into the dating scene, you should spend time alone and get to know yourself again. Every experience in life changes us so your relationship would’ve changed you in some way too.

Ask yourself what you want right now and also what kind of man you’re looking for. You might have a type and always go for the same kind of guys or you might realise that you need a man with a different personality. But you won’t know this until you question yourself so don’t be afraid to do this.

Practice makes perfect

You must practice meeting women every day. You must become a social person again. Social people are attractive; they have a positive aura.

When you walk through life happy, smiling and talking to people, what happens? You create intrigue, attraction and chemistry. You will get noticed.

Practice with women you’re not attracted to — smile at them, talk to them. Try flirting with them. Learn how to be comfortable talking to strangers so that you can get back in the game. Become more comfortable flirting. Soon you will be able to approach women you are dying to meet.

There are no shortcuts to getting back in the game. Go out every single day and practice flirting and talking to women.

Pick your homeground

Yes, at first it might be challenging to drum up conversations with strangers everywhere, so I suggest making a mental list of five places that you like to frequent. Say, for instance, that you love eating. Make it a point to hang out at that little takeout place that you love, that gourmet supermarket that you enjoy or the coffee house that serves your favorite latte.

Reinvent yourself

You’ll find getting back into the dating game more exciting if you open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities.

Caution though, don’t totally change your personality or say/do things only because you think women/men will like you more because of it.

Instead, try things you never imagined doing before, like going on speed dates or agreeing to a blind date. The more opportunities you say ‘yes’ to, the higher your chances of getting back onto the saddle.

Make small talk about whatever (with a smile)

Start noticing things all around you. Make it a point to observe what people are doing and react to what they’re doing. If you see a woman drop oranges in the supermarket, walk over to her and make a joke like, “You’ve got butterfingers today!” Smile and help her gather them up. Maybe you are next to a woman in line at the coffee shop, and you both comment about how slow the service is today and Bam! Before you know it  you two are chatting like you have known each other for years.

A shared moment. Suddenly, you’re getting back in the game.

Take your time

There is no single rule how fast you should get back into the dating game after a break up. Some people are able to move on after a few weeks while others can’t bear to even be friendly with anyone of the opposite sex for a year or two. So don’t force yourself to meet people if you don’t feel you are ready for it yet.

Ask for a number

Once you have made contact and are comfortable speaking with women/men, you have to start asking them out. The secret is this: Women want to meet men organically, without cheesy pickup lines.

Try this: “Hey, I had a great time speaking with you. I’d love to take you out. Can I have your number?”


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