How to approach a woman you are hitting on for the first time like a pro

Dating Tips: How to approach a woman you are hitting on for the first time

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How to win her over and seal that elusive deal

She is elegant and graceful like a giraffe. Her gait oozes confidence and her demeanor is quite intimidating. She passes by you, her aura is so erotic! You are awestruck, you have never seen such beauty, your heart has stopped beating and your brain is completely transfixed.

Your mouth is ajar, your eyes are dancing like someone who is recovering from a bout of seizure or has a Nystagmus condition. Without an iota of doubt, that is a woman whose beauty has got your eyes, quite literally.

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You want her, don’t you? So in this case what should a man do without sounding like an idiot? You must now be asking yourself, how do I go about it? I know it can really be a daunting task. One thing is for sure you will need to eat the heart of a lion and emulate its hunting skills. So let’s cut the chase and look at the strategies one can apply when approaching a woman for the first time.

# 1. Start with resolute salutations

Greetings are a good way to unclog silence, uneasiness, suspicion, and unfriendliness. They create a state of peace and ease. That’s why Jewish people say, “Shalom ”, which simply means peace. Say something like, “Hello, how are you gorgeous?” Don’t stop at that when she favorably responds. Show appreciation that she has responded in a friendly and inviting manner. You can throw in that moment of greetings, something like, “It’s my pleasure to meet and say hello to you,” and introduce yourself with your proper name.

Don’t just sign off your greetings as if she is not attracting you, in a witty and coded language, show that you have an unwavering desire to meet her more than once. End your encounter with, “See you some other time and have a great day ahead.”

#. 2. Get to know her timings

This sounds like stalking but remember I have branded you the name lonely and starving lion. You should know when to lay low and crawl stealthily in the savanna grass and when to raise your head ready to sprint and pounce on your prey. Things like when does she go on lunch break, tea break, what time she gets into or leaves the office. Continue with the greeting streak. Elevate your encounter from greeting to some sort of conversation about yourselves.

# 3. Politely ask for her name

If at the end of your greeting she seems at ease to grant you extra airtime, ask what her name is and by this don’t insist that she says it if she is not willing to do so in the first place. If that is the case, then just be polite and witty, ask her if she is okay with you suggesting a name, like “gorgeous lady” or “beauty”. She will probably ask you why that name. She will have granted you the opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is and that you don’t mind using it for as long as you two meet, any time, anywhere. Tell her that, that tag summarizes her identity and anything else counts less.

# 4. Make proper suggestions

You can ask her where she normally breaks for lunch or tea. Propose a restaurant that she hasn’t yet patronized. Tell her why she should try it. If she is game, offer to accompany her there for lunch and offer to settle the bills if she is okay with it. At that moment, lie low to avoid anxiety. Let her choose her plate from the menu. Don’t rush into complimenting her beauty and revealing the feelings you have for her. Be at ease and stay relevant. Discuss the place and its mouth-watering food, that is if she agrees that indeed it’s delicious. Be yourself and avoid pretense as well as silly glitches like swallowing food with a bang or hitting cutleries against your teeth.

You can gradually slide in other topics around her office like job description, whether that is her first job, where she was working before, etc. Avoid more personal topics such as her marital status, family, friends, her salary lest she starts analyzing your intentions wrongly. Also, remember to avoid being overly gentlemanly. A little of gentlemanliness will make her yearn for more from you. After the lunch date, show that you really appreciated her company and you are looking forward to another one, perhaps dinner in the evening after work. You can ask for her cell phone number.

# 5. Converge your interests at her point of pastime

As you finish the most terrifying step, of the first date, ask her about her favourite pastime. You need her so whatever she says if it’s something that you have never done before and would not have probably thought of doing, pretend that you were actually thinking about doing it. For instance, you have never entered a nightclub but she has indicated that that’s where she likes unwinding after work or over the weekend. Grab the opportunity and act delighted that you have finally found someone who can introduce you to a new hobby. Ask her if she is comfortable with taking you there to experience the new rev. Better still is if you share a common hobby. Show her the best spots from where to do it together.

# 6. Be the initiator

The next time you meet, even if it’s in the parking lot or along the corridor, initiate a conversation that will lead to gradually reveal your intentions. For instance, compliment her, show her that you care, text her wisely. Text something like, “Hey beauty, I hope you had a great evening. Enjoy your night.” Say hello to her friends without seeming insecure. Once you are comfortable and confident with her surroundings, you will start winning her over.

# 7. Don’t occupy her personal space

And if the second date has come by, don’t cling, just give her company and watch from a distance. Let her come and ask you to join her on the dance floor. Avoid intrusion and meddling so much, you haven’t yet started dating romantically.

# 8. Read her temperaments

Research and learn how to handle her swings. Reveal yourself slowly and naturally, but at the same time learn how to improve on your flaws to suit the new date.

# 8. Confidently ask her out

By this time she has already gotten used to you with a few of your personal traits. Take charge, take her to the best chill spot. Engage with her wisely and assuredly. Create the best atmosphere for the kickoff. Don’t forget to stare her in the face. Talk about the present and the future, and if possible avoid any negative past dating experiences lest she develops cold feet.

# 9. Introduce your desires

Stare her in the face, while holding her hands. Tell her that you are the man she has been waiting for. Kiss her gently on her cheeks and near the ears till she gives you the lips.

# 10. Date her for keeps


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