Men Who Date 'Stellas' Should Be Ready For 'Character Development' 1

Men Who Date ‘Stellas’ Should Be Ready For ‘Character Development’

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This Is Why Men Should Avoid Dating ‘Stelllas’

“Stella Wangu” hitmaker, famous musician Freshly Mwamburi, is probably the first man in history to be “character developed”. In his song, Freshly narrates a true story of how he struggled to educate Stella and fund her lavish lifestyle in Japan only for her to elope with her Japanese lecturer.
The smitten Mwamburi even paid airfare for Stella after her studies in Japan and went ahead to pick her up at the airport only for her to show up with a child in hand and her Japanese lecturer closely behind her.
Freshly who sacrificed, and sold his car and house for the sake of his girlfriend, was hit with a common phenomenon in the city called “character development”.Character development refers to punishment accorded to someone for being good, truthful and faithful in a relationship. Yes, good people suffer, which brings me to this question, is sacrificing for a relationship worth it?

Sometimes men want it easy, they want to have good women without sweating or breaking the bank, for them to consider that a woman loves them. Some men go to the point of irritating women by asking them what they are “bringing to the table.” I mean, what else should a woman bring “to the table” apart from her sexy and snatched body?

In the event of a relationship, a woman has a lot to lose. She loses her innocence, her body depreciates and in case of marriage, she leaves her own family and becomes part of another family. A woman loses the most when they get into relationships. Therefore, any man who has got balls and is reading this piece, should never at any point ask a woman what she is bringing to the table. What if she tells you her only intention is to “sell the table?”
A man who is about to receive character development
A man who is about to receive character development
In the event that a relationship ends, a man is only likely to lose his hard-earned money and or wealth which he can still regain if he works for it again. He is also likely to lose tons of sperm, but doesn’t a man live to nut? Doesn’t he just live for orgasms?
Sadly, women labelled as Stellas don’t want to sacrifice anything for men not even their time but they want the same men to sacrifice their time, spoil them with expensive gifts and cash, and take them out on vacations. These Stellas may even milk their men dry, disappear and end the relationship in the event of a small inconvenience. To some extent, these Stellas are not to blame.
Some of them have seen their selfless and generous mothers being “character developed” and vowed never to sacrifice for any man. These women just have one agenda, to extort men and be on the go. These are the kind of women who demand the Queen’s treatment and wear their crowns proudly often reminding everyone who cares to listen that they are the “prize”. It doesn’t matter how old, ‘beaten’ they are or how many dicks they have seen, felt and had.
These Stellas will not sacrifice a thing for a man not even their time when you invite them to your place because they wonder what they are getting in return. Are you fixing their nails, their hair or paying their rent? These kinds of women will even develop a heart problem the moment you text them ‘hi’ in their inbox. Then they’ll share a Mpesa number for you to help them offset their “medical bills.”Woe unto you if you end up marrying these Stellas. Should you have a mere cold, they’ll assume that you are about to meet your maker and in turn force you to write your will.
Men beware that the city is awash with Stellas. Just know who to sacrifice your time, money and energy for. The funny thing is that you always know who is worth it, but what you do is shut the “inner voice” that advises you and instead, you go after the  Stellas. Be warned!
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