boyfriend robs girlfriend kukyala

Boyfriend Robs Girlfriend Shortly After Kukyala

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From Romance to Robbery: Girlfriend’s Heartbreak as Boyfriend Turns Thief After Kukyala

In Uganda, what started as a joyous celebration of a traditional pre-marriage ceremony turned into a harrowing ordeal for one family. Their happiness was shattered when the young woman was betrayed by her boyfriend, known as Timothy Lukyamyuzi.

According to Campus Bee newspaper, the family eagerly organized a colorful and memorable introduction ceremony known as Kukyala after their daughter’s boyfriend expressed his intention to visit their home. With anticipation and happiness, they welcomed Lukyamyuzi and his family members, overlooking the modest offerings brought for the occasion.

However, what followed was a harrowing ordeal that shattered their trust and left them reeling.

Shortly after the ceremony, Lukyamuzi approached the sister of his girlfriend and requested spare keys to her apartment, supposedly to make future visits more convenient. Trusting in the budding relationship, the sister handed over the keys without any hesitation.

Heartbreakingly, the following day turned into a nightmare when the sister came back from work only to find her apartment in disarray. Lukyamuzi, whom they had warmly welcomed into their home, had orchestrated a cruel betrayal. He arranged for a truck to cart away all her valuable belongings, including her hard-earned savings.

Despite their efforts to find the culprit, which included filing a report at Kanyanya Police Station, the boyfriend remains at large. This has left the family overwhelmed with shock, anger, and a deep sense of betrayal.

boyfriend robs girlfriend after kukyala

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