Blunders Guys Make On Social Media while Trying to Get a Woman's Attention. (All pro dad)

Blunders Guys Make On Social Media while Trying to Get a Woman’s Attention

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The art of flirting on Social Media

I have met my fair share of good, bad and outrightly ugly men on these streets of Social Media and what can i say they have given me a serious character development.

Nowadays i can smell a prick from a mile a way just by looking on their wall and i do the needful, steer way clear from their advances.

If you ask me i think there should be a school or crash course on the art of flirting on Social Media because damn lots of guys totally screw up social media flirting. Which is a shame, because social media flirting is kind of crucial and social media skills is equally important in the 21st century much as drafting your Curriculum Vitae.

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Let’s face it: online dating is here to stay and literally one of the most likely medium guys can meet their future wives and husbands, hook up, marry and live happily ever after. Chances of you meeting your your potential mate on Twitter, not Tinder is more likely than ever before.

Types of users on Social Media

Social butterflies” of the world

This group of users are highly active on social media and checks their feed several times a day. Social butterflies put a great deal of importance on building and cultivating relationships. They tend to have a decent number of followers and engage with their followers by constantly liking and commenting on posts. Social butterflies make up a large portion of social media users.

The Sharer

Sharers are known to be thoughtful individuals who enjoy helping others through social media. You can see them sharing YouTube tutorials, informative articles and product reviews. Although Sharers may or may not have substantial influence, they are certainly capable of spreading the word.

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The Professional

Professional users are looking to expand their network. Professionals use social media to demonstrate their intelligence by sharing their stance on important issues and trends. The Professional is known to post often and uses a considerable amount of time on each post before actually sharing.  Professionals often have opinions and most of their followers view them as credible thinkers and authority figures.

The Creator

Innovative, hipster and definitely trend setters, creators are the live and blood of social media. They enjoy taking pictures, writing blogs and utilizing any platform that allows them to express their thoughts.  A large number of creators usually grow up to become useful influencers and brand ambassadors.

Things which make you unattractive on social media

You don’t have any photos at all

Have you ever gotten a friend request and when you go to check their wall its fuckin empty? You may think that not having any photos at all makes you look mature but social media is not the place for that. How else are users supposed to put a face on your profile if you don’t have any photos? From your photo, they can tell your age and if they are interested in you or not. 

Sending her your dick pic 

I don’t know who lied to men that women will wet their pussies and fall madly in love with the first man who sends her their dick pic. The opposite is actually true and nothing makes a woman block you and run for the hills faster than an unsolicited dick pic.

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It’s honestly disgusting. There’s no point in sending images of your body if you actually want to one day fuck her.  If you woo her nicely you may get to that point one day but not on social media.

You send too many messages at the same time

If women were to get a shilling for every ‘Hi’ on their inbox I bet you some women would be rolling in money.  I get it you like that girl and are already building castles in the air imagining how you will spend your future together. Yes you love her social media stories and religiously wait for them to go up, but please don’t be that desperate guy who keeps sending her many messages and stuffing her inbox.

Ask for her number too soon

 Asking for her number too soon doesn’t do you any favors. It makes you appear as entitled and kills all the little vibe you guys may have had. Before asking for her number you need to create some chemistry  first, get to know each other, make her feel comfortable enough to actually want to give you her number then you can ask for it.

You go on a photo liking spree

Nothing screams a stalker more than a man on a photo liking spree. Some men make it even worse and go as far as liking photos of a woman uploaded more than 10 years ago. Liking a few pics is okay to display interest but don’t over do it. Yes, you like her face and all her inspirational quotes, but keep that like in your heart.

You sound too serious

In your interaction with a woman you come out as if you are interviewing her and she is on a job interview. Loosen up a bit and let things flow man.  Social media is not one of those places that you get marks for acting mature so sounding too serious is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Posting a lot of sexual content

Unless you want to attract uncouth women then posting a lot of sexual content will do you no favours. I am not saying you have to fill up your wall with bible scriptures and inspirational quotes to be taken seriously by women no its a balance my guy.

Hit on her in public on her wall

Explicit public advances are generally a bad idea on social media, because they leave the object of your affection with no graceful way to respond. Don’t do this. You can do better, leave that stuff to the DM.

This article was written by Miss Getrude, a social critic and an avid gardener 

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