Why making love with a tipsy woman is the best coital for a sexually thirsty man

Best Coitus Is With A Tipsy Woman

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Another Round For The Lady, Please!

This is for tipplers or boogaheads. Why do you consume booze, crack, kent, or any other sort of stimulant? Is it not so that you can get blitzed?

Now, what happens after all that influence? Don’t you get the courage to do and say things that you wouldn’t have been able to do if you had been sober? Using stimulants to boost one’s morale is not a strange phenomenon, this is something that has been practiced for many years. Activities that call upon wild power, the strength of steel, and outrageous courage, as well as ruthlessness, have been beautifully delivered under the influence of whatever stimulant. These activities include sports, music, crime, war and most importantly for our topic today is sex.

Drunk and Theatrical

What type of drug do you use? There are so many types of drugs ranging from industrially modified stimulants like alcoholic beverages, powdered substances like crack or purely and simply organic ones like joints and khat. Whatever you indulge in, you will agree with me it gives you some sort of leverage in terms of power, strength, and courage. Blood rushes faster, the body heats up, your muscles gain some sort of endurance, your will to engage in an activity that requires craze, clicks. You start feeling like a hormonally hopped-up teenager.

This is what you perfectly need for wild sex, especially when you have been experiencing a dry spell. When the two of you are tipsy, you create an atmosphere of free will, wild acts, and utopian feeling. Sex is without boundaries, without protocols, without terms and conditions, or simply put, enjoyment of eroticism is delivered through wild instincts. One of the limitations to the enjoyment of sex is fake conscience. This type of conscience makes the love-making process a sham. It does not allow the free flow of spontaneity.

If the only time you have been having sex with your woman is when she is replete with a fake, routine conscience, then you need to try out when she is gassed. You will definitely enjoy sex. The following below are reasons to support the idea of enjoying sex much more with a tipsy or gacked woman.

# 1. A tipsy woman feels much more aroused than sober one

Studies show that alcohol widens blood vessels and makes more blood flow to the skin thus necessitating vasodilation. This makes her feel hot and toasty. She becomes more compassionate. This phenomenon is called “Beer Blanket.” Who wouldn’t enjoy sex with a hot and toasty woman? Don’t you know that erection is very much affected by the temperature of a coochie? A cold pussy makes the shlong curl. A coiled dick during sex is a misadventure.

# 2. A tipsy woman is easily subdued

A man feels better when he subdues his woman in every aspect and more so in sex. There is nothing crazy a woman high on something cannot do for her man during sex. What else does a man need during sex other than having a woman who is acquiescent? She can do fellatio, which is a rare act with a woman who claims to be conscientious. Dick-sucking is one of the best languages that a  dick understands from your woman. When she puts it in her mouth, you become all ears.

# 3. A tipsy woman has more stamina and animal-like instincts

Your woman will be up to the game. No fatigue or muscle pain excuses. You will ride longer and every time you climax, your muscles will be refueled by the substance taken, especially beer. Sex becomes so intense. Now, don’t you like that experience?

# 4. A tipsy woman is honest to a fault

She will tell you what makes her tick during sex. That is the secret that men look for when having sex. Once a man unveils a woman’s weak point during sex, he reigns supreme. An intoxicated woman will lead you to her G-Spot, unlike a sober one who wants you to struggle to find it by yourself until you become tired.

# 5. A tipsy woman is spontaneous

Alcohol enhances the elements of surprise. Planned or routine sex is boring. Spontaneity in sex feels like you are having it with a new or different person. Imagine when you are about to deem out, then she tells you how it feels to bang her from behind. Random demands for whoopie come with a lot of excitement. You do it and she screams your good name.

# 6. A tipsy woman is generous

Whatever you like doing when having a nookie, is readily available with a gazeboed woman. She will allow you to access her body and immerse yourself in a miasma of ecstasy. 


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