7 Things Women Do to Manipulate and Control Men

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‘You’re Overreacting! I was just Joking.’

Why do women manipulate men? Short answer- It’s easy to get away with it. In a recent video on Tik Tok, ex-porn star Mia Khalifa called out men as cheap and easy. Most men are suckers for a woman’s looks and if she got a good personality, it’s pretty much a done deal. Even if her ‘niceness’ is fake, a big fat ass and a cute smile will get that man ‘pussy-whipped’. Once a man lets his thirst control him, he may never think logically again. 

Before I let you in on how to nip it in the bud once you feel you are being manipulated, let’s set the record straight. There’s a difference between manipulation, positive persuasion, and/or real valid needs. As a man, you have got to be keen so you can filter these traits out or bring her up to speed with what your standards are: 

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Emotional Blackmail

Comes in many forms- gaslighting, dramatic displays, use of fear and guilt to make you feel obligated to do something for her. Sneaky guilt trips are the worst- Probably you didn’t know you did something that made her feel bad and she is punishing you in ways she knows will get you upset. 

“It’s not where I wanted to go, but if you are happy then I’m happy”- that’s just one way most women do it. Another example is when due to some unforeseen circumstances you cancel plans you had made to go out. A manipulative woman will say, ‘I’m OK’, but the next time you actually go out she makes sure you guys go to the most expensive restaurant. Okay, canceling plans could be quite upsetting but it shouldn’t be reason enough to manipulate you. 

Prove Your Love and other Dramatic Statements

Trust me, this is one of their favorite. You’ve probably heard this before, ‘If you love me, you will…’ Well to be fair, most women have this innate trait and could do this unconsciously. However, constant use of this phrase is a major red flag. 

Other damaging dramatic statements are, ‘You of all people should know this’ and ‘You are the only person I’ve ever loved’ This is meant to guilt-trip you into thinking you did something wrong so she can have her way with you. 

Insulting Sarcasm

The most commonly used statement is, ‘I was just joking’. Holding in whatever she said will only lead to resentment. This is a dangerous trait in manipulative women and whether she said it in public or in private, mentioning your insecurities is aimed at making you feel less good about yourself so you won’t leave them. 

Flipping The Script

There are two ways manipulative women do this. Using your past faults against you and/or demeaning herself to get sympathy. When it’s convenient for a manipulative woman, that’s when she will remember that sneaky text she saw on your phone a month ago. The other way they do it is by demeaning themselves by saying things like, ‘I’m such a loser, you don’t love me…’, ‘How could you love me? You can do better than me’ or ‘She is better for you than me’. This is what I call Victim Mode. It gets worse when she starts crying. Men can’t stand the sight of their woman’s tears. The minute she starts he will definitely drop the argument and start calling her all the sweet names she likes. Just like that my man you become a puppet, she got you on strings. 

Excessive Attention and Reassurance

All women are insecure about a thing or two, but there is a fine line that when crossed the situation becomes manipulative. When a manipulative woman wants something, she builds up enough points to give you a hard time saying no. She cooks your favorite meals, gets that sexy lingerie you like before bed, and keeps pampering you with compliments about how well you are dressed, even when it’s an outfit she has seen you in numerous times. 

Silent Treatment 

This is a passive-aggressive manipulation tactic and if you are not strong-minded you will definitely fold to this and give in to what she wants. The constant blue ticks and unread messages get you frustrated and soon you will end up apologizing even for her own faults. Plain and simple, she has turned you into a simp. At times silent treatment comes in the form of withholding intimacy, love, and physical affection until she gets what she wants or when you start ‘acting right’, according to her. 

silent treatment

Using Coochie to Get What She Wants 

Last but not least, my favorite- using pussy to make me act right. Well, now that I’m typing it, it doesn’t sound right anymore. But, yes, this is a common manipulation tactic most women use when they did something wrong and want you to overlook it. You could be broke or haven’t planned to go on vacation but she already spent your savings on airplane tickets and booked a hotel in Diani for the weekend. To make sure you don’t get mad, boy you finna get some mind-blowing sex. You would almost feel like it’s a Fantasy with an Exotic Escort

What To Do 

  1. Think Before you act or talk. Look at the bigger picture. No quick decisions. 
  2. Learn to say no 
  3. Make a decision to stay or leave 


Rewarding Bad behavior gets you more of it!

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