10 signs your boyfriend has another woman and he's taking you for a ride

10 signs your boyfriend has another woman and he’s taking you for a ride

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Love is a long con game

You met him while going to work, he said hi and immediately you knew he was a man on a mission. He was smartly dressed and had an air of confidence around him.

To cut a long story short, he hit on you and you said yes because why couldn’t you. he was tall, dark and handsome.

However, after a brief spell of love, everything came crashing down and the man who was a knight in shinning armour now looks more of a con than prince charming.

Here are 10 signs your boyfriend has another woman

He cancels plans last minute

When you two get to spend time together, things go pretty well, so you’re always excited to hang out. But, when you make plans to spend time with him, he’s often the one that has to cancel the plans, and most of the time his excuses aren’t very good ones. Continuously cancelled plans are a good sign that a guy is using you.

You pay for everything

Nowadays going dutch isn’t unheard of, and in some relationships, it’s pretty common to split things 50/50. When it comes to this man, you pay for everything, even small things such as a coffee date at the local cafe. This man is broke all of the time, with no real reason behind the lack of money. A guy who is using you is likely to avoid spending money on you.

He’s only around when he needs you

When it’s convenient for you, this man shows up or makes time to contact you. If he needs a ride to work, needs a lunch, or needs a few dollars to pay his cell phone bill, he’s contacting you as quickly as possible. However, when he isn’t in need of anything you can provide, rarely do you hear from him and rarely is he around. When a guy is using you, he’ll usually only show up when it’s convenient.

He only comes to see you at night

It’s not uncommon or unheard of for a man to want to spend some time with you after a night out with the boys. However, if it’s become a pattern that he only spends time with you at night, after he’s liquored up, there is definitely something more going on. A man who is only interested in spending time with you at night, and after drinking, definitely isn’t in it for you

He has a way with words

This man knows how to speak to your heart, and you love the things that he says to you, but as we all know, actions speak louder than words. No matter how his words make you feel, if he isn’t proving them to you and living up to them, his words hardly mean a thing at all.

Affection doesn’t come easy

For some guys, showing a lot of affection and emotions can be awkward, but as time passes, this becomes less and less of an issue, as he adapts. However, this man rarely shows you affection. Getting a hug or a passionate kiss from him is a rare occurrence and when it does happen, it leaves you wanting something more from it. The only affection you get is when you two are doing the deed, and even then, something is missing.

He rarely does anything special for you

In a relationship, it’s all about give and take. On your man’s birthday, you shower him with gifts, and you’re the type of woman to buy him a present here and there, just because. On the other hand, this guy rarely gives you anything that shows he cares about you. If you’re with a guy who can’t treat you to something nice every once-in-a-while, this is a huge sign that he’s soaking up all he can.

He doesn’t consider your feelings

No matter how much you tell this guy that certain things make you tick or make you sad, he doesn’t seem to take it in and consider your thoughts and feelings. Instead, he does what he wants to do without ever stopping to think about how his actions may make you feel. One of the biggest signs that a guy is using you is the fact that he couldn’t care less about your feelings.

He blames you for things

When something goes wrong, this man is somehow able to push the blame onto you. No matter what the problem is, some way or another, this guy is able to pinpoint you as the one who caused it to happen. When a guy does nothing but blame you for the bad things in his life, he’s truly only putting you through emotional blackmail. Leave this guy and let him suffer through his own issues.

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