10 hookers caught pants down in Kampala

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10 hookers arrested in the act in Uganda

10 escorts were arrested in Kampala over the weekend during a police bust.

Acting on a tip-off, the police and local defense unit soldiers stormed their rooms during an operation carried out on Saturday evening. The operation took place in the center of Kampala at a building called City house.

”We are carrying out the presidential directive of enforcing social distancing as a way of safeguarding against the spread of Coronavirus,” said Ayebare Nduhura, the OCS Kampala central police station who led the operation.

City House Kampala: Home of cheap escorts in Uganda

City house is notorious for hosting many sisters in that flesh trade, especially in the evenings.

The place is popular with men interested in sluts as they are literally spoilt for choice and escorts are plenty. The rooms are also quite affordable, further sweetening the deal.

Clients take off naked, leaving escorts behind

Uganda Central Police Station/JubbalandTV

The escorts with their clients were found busy in action but the men took off after being busted.

”We found some of them in action. The men fled leaving the women behind,” said Pascal Oket, one of the police officers who carried out the operation. 

Sell themselves to buy food over lockdowns

The women gave a fight and screamed their lungs out as they were loaded into the police truck, saying they have no option but to sell themselves in order to get some money to buy food.

”Why are you arresting us yet you have not given us any assistance ever since the lockdown was announced?” Margret Namuli, one of those arrested, was heard shouting.

The escorts arrest and cry for food comes just weeks after the arrest of Stella Nyanzi, a vocal critic of President Yoweri Museveni.

Coronavirus protests

Nyanzi, together with a small group of activists, were arrested as they marched towards the office of Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda in the capital, Kampala, protesting against what they called “slow distribution” of food and other relief goods to vulnerable people affected by coronavirus-related restrictions.

In the petition, Nyanzi and others had urged the government to revise the anti-coronavirus measures that have benefitted the rich and “created an apartheid state and occasioned avoidable suffering upon many vulnerable Ugandans, especially women and low-income earners.”


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