90% Of Nigerian Yahoo Boys Prefer to Spend Their Money on Exotic Escorts

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Yahoo Boys Spoiling Women Silly With Gifts and Lavish Lifestyles

Reality TV star Phyna has revealed details about dating internet fraudsters better known as Yahoo boys saying that 90% of these boys hardly spend money on their girlfriends. In an interview with media personality, Nedu Wazobia, “The Honest Bunch” Phyna narrated her experience with a Yahoo Boy.

According to her, she remained broke despite dating a rich yahoo boy who did not give her money because he preferred spoiling her instead. Phyna revealed that most women dating Yahoo boys were in such relationships for the sake of the money and respect that came with it.

Yahoo boy looking all lavish
Yahoo boy looking all lavish

Contributing to the same topic, Nigerian media personality Nedu Wazobia revealed that broke Nigerian men do not get any romance. He revealed that in Nigeria, men need to have money on them to talk to a woman.

Nedu Wazobia said, “But true true, no finance no romance, make we no deceive yourselves. It has got to a point where you no fit…But true, true, no finance… True, true, no finance, no romance. Make we no deceive ourselves. It has got to a point where you no fit do love for Nigeria without money…For example, but it’s bad, I no go lie give you. It’s bad because you no go even truly know who truly get your time, who true true love you. But the truth be say, If you wan follow girl talk, the money wey you go spend take buy airtime, na money.”

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