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8 Easy Tips on How to Drop the Good Girl Tag For a Sugar Baby Lifestyle

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Good girl’s guide to becoming a sugar baby

They say that good girls finish last so that’s why you want to activate bitch mode, right? I believe you got the sugar and that’s why you are here to look for ways to get a daddy who will pay a ransom for it.
In this materialistic world, you can use what you got to make your life interesting and easy with suitable transactional agreements. So, you want to join the sugar dating world and make tons of money out of it. If you have decided to drop your good girl guard down, these tips will  make sure that you don’t finish last in a sugar relationship:

Drop the good girl tag!

Since you have resorted to being a bad girl, there are some good girl habits that you need to drop for you to thrive in the sugar relationship. These include some behaviors which may make you come off as feeble.
If you are a people pleaser, you need to learn that you may not get what you want or deserve if you can’t ask for it. So, remember not to ever tire of asking for what you want and also from saying no if something doesn’t suit you. Remember, you can’t be of help to everyone around you even though you wished to.

Establish a good sugar dating site.

If you settle on seeking a daddy on a sugar dating platform, it is necessary to establish a safe and authentic site that will take you closer to your dream sugar daddy. Read the platform’s terms of service so that you ensure that you comply with their policies.
sugar baby
sugar baby
You can be banned from some platforms for accepting gifts and money online especially if such platforms prohibit the same. If you meet strangers who promise you gifts in exchange for sexual favors on the apps, block them or report them.

Vetting potential daddies

You are likely to come across numerous profiles on dating apps of people who purport to be the best daddies. It is your task to vet them by conversing with them as well as going through their profiles. Daddies who tend to conceal information about themselves on their profiles are a big red flag hence you should avoid them.
Daddies who give an unreasonable long list of their expectations may come off as picky and a bad fit for you. Go for a daddy who writes a reasonable list of the values he is looking for in a sugar baby and expresses himself in a fun and easy way. Remember to put enough effort into updating your profile so that you can meet a daddy who matches you.

Messaging them

Some daddies like to approach the babies first but if you are bold enough to approach a daddy, you can send a smile emoji or a simple hello to your desired babe. This bold action will make you come off as a go-getter and it may make you land your desired daddy.
It is also important to establish and respect boundaries when it comes to dating your sugar daddy. Some sugar daddies do not welcome the idea of late-night texts and calls. As you get to learn them, establish their boundaries and avoid coming off as a needy sugar baby as you may scare them away.
Beware that daddies who consistently blow up your phone are desperate and they are likely to be controlling. Consider dating a daddy who respects your personal time and gives you space for that “me time”. To have a closer look at your partner and listen to his voice, you can also consider face time sessions.

Bottom Line:

If the daddy doesn’t look like his photos and his surroundings just look off, it is a wise thing to reconsider the relationship. If his surroundings are presentable has great communication skills and speaks in a friendly tone, then it’s likely that you just bagged a great daddy.
Also, consider a daddy who is specific with what he wants to offer to you in exchange for the sugar. Dodge daddies who cannot clearly establish what favors they will extend to you and gives detailed expectations.
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