Surefire Signs It's Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship 1

Surefire Signs It’s Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship

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Being in a relationship can be a rewarding experience for some, it’s crucial to discern if your relationship supports your growth or stifles it. Choosing whether to remain or leave a relationship can be daunting. There may be shared belongings or children that may influence the decision to leave. If one partner’s financial stability relies on their partner, they may be forced to remain in a relationship that drains them.
It’s important to learn how to differentiate between relationship problems that can be treated for instance communication breakdowns or the relationship spark fading versus more serious issues that signify that the relationship should end. Here are signs that you should walk away from a relationship:

The Relationship Is Trauma-Bonded

Trauma-bonded relationships are marked by abuse, infidelity, narcissism and high degrees of “makeup to breakup” as well as significant upheaval within the relationship. A lot of people may find themselves stuck in such relationships due to unprocessed trauma or not having a healthy relationship to compare with.
They may insist that they are in love and may struggle with dependency on their partner to either feel complete or dependency on the other person to feel whole. Some people may end up overstaying in a relationship that’s detrimental to their safety and emotional health.

A “Need” To Be Perfect

People who are involved with narcissistic partners are likely to experience a desire to be the best version of their partner. Such people often face body-shaming from their partners who may give looks of disapproval surrounding their partner’s body shape or choice of wardrobe to make their partners feel insecure and feel more superior.
Surefire Signs It's Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship 2
Imperfection threatens narcissists’ ego and self-worth that’s why most of them tend to have limited patience for imperfection in their lives. Narcissists expect both themselves and the people around them to be “perfect.”

You Are In The Relationship For Wrong Reasons

Many people struggle with being alone. Being alone may trigger an inner critic that may make them feel worthless as such they may develop a need to be in a relationship. Such people may have a history of many ex-partners and detach easily from a relationship if their partner is unresponsive and may hop into another relationship as a placeholder.
A deeper dive into such a pattern discloses fears of rejection, abandonment, or choosing a partner out of fear or desperation. As a result, most people find themselves in abusive relationships which lack compatibility or emotional intimacy.

Deciding To Stay Or Leave a Relationship

Deciding whether you should stay or leave a relationship requires you to weigh your options. You need to examine closely whether a relationship is sustainable or not. Some unhealthy relationship dynamics can be sorted like communicating effectively with each other or going to couples therapy to build a connection.
Trauma-bonded relationships that are considered to be more toxic are not sustainable. The longer you remain in an unpredictable situation, the more damaging it is to your overall health.
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