4 Important Open Relationship Rules You Should Consider 1

4 Important Open Relationship Rules You Should Consider

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An open relationship is a type of relationship in which both partners agree to have both love and physical relationships with other people. Open relationship rules are mutually agreed-upon guidelines needed for a relationship. Here are the rules regarding open relationships:

Set Physical Intimacy Boundaries

One of the first rules you should agree on is the types of sex you should have with each other and what you should both consider out of bounds. Is penetrative sex okay? Are you both comfortable exploring BDSM and oral sex? Also, deliberate on how many partners you should both sleep with at a time. The types of physically intimate acts It’s essential to talk about these things beforehand rather than risk hurting your partner.

Discuss How You’ll Talk About Your Relationship With Others

4 Important Open Relationship Rules You Should Consider 2
According to experts, one of the hardest rules to figure out by partners is how to be open with each other about their open relationship. The two main points to discuss are: Will you be open to each other about your outside hookups? How much detail will you share on the same? You should also agree with each other if you discuss your open relationship with others. It’s important to check with your partner to ensure that you don’t reveal something that’s private to both of you.

Emotional Boundaries

One of the issues that you and your partner should confront in your relationship is jealousy. Although partners may think that they won’t get jealous of their partner’s affairs or relationships with others things may worsen along the way. It is important for partners to discuss whether they can get physically intimate without developing any feelings for their partner. Also, discuss ways of getting out of the relationship if one of you wants to.

Have Open Communication

Communication is an integral part of any relationship. Partners should ensure that they are on the same page and that there’s no communication gap. Open relationships bring crucial changes in the lifestyle and relationship of the partners. Through communication and transparency, couples can ensure a stable relationship.
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