ezra olubi polyamarous relationship

Paystack co founder Ezra Olubi in a polyamorous relationship

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Love, Tech, and Taboo: Inside the Polyamorous World of Paystack’s Ezra Olubi


As the world spins on its axis, the Co-founder of Paystack, Ezra Olubi, known for breaking barriers in fintech, has decided to add a dash of spice to his life’s algorithm.
In a tweet heard ’round the digital sphere, one of his partners (who, might I add, has a girlfriend) unveiled their polyamorous escapades, sending shockwaves through the gossip grapevine.

But let’s be real, Nigerians aren’t exactly clutching their pearls. We always suspected he was a bit of a rebel against the status quo.
As tongues wagged and tails wagged even harder, the burning question on everyone’s lips was, “Would society give the same nod of approval if this were a female leader in the limelight?”
Ah, the age-old conundrum. But hey, we’ll leave that to the hypotheticals. Here’s to wishing him and his merry band of partners smooth sailing on the waves of love!

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