Uganda's Virgin Shortage Takes Center Stage – What's Really Happening? 1

Uganda’s Virgin Shortage Takes Center Stage – What’s Really Happening?

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Panic Over Shortage of Virgins in Uganda

The Anglican Archbishop in Stephen Kaziimba has said that there is a shortage of virgins in Uganda.

While discussing with Uganda’s speaker of parliament Stephen Tayebwa Kaziimba The Archbishop decried the limited numbers of virgin girls in Uganda,
He said that on the many occasions he has urged people to keep their virginity, he has been labelled backward.

He said,”that is God, that is how powerful He is, He can cause a virgin woman to become pregnant without that thing (sex) which you people love so much. The confusion is why some people say, how can God have a child without it (sex)? No, He is God, He can do the impossible. It isn’t easy to find virgin ladies these days. I am talking about people outside there (outside Parliament). of course you can’t mention that before MPs. Actually when you promote virginity, some people say that is backwardness.”

He urged MPs and other men in Uganda to emulate the calmness exhibited by Joseph, the father of Jesus by not conducting DNA tests on kids whose parentage is in doubt, and instead embrace these children like was the case with Jesus, in order to ensure peace and harmony in homes.

“But I also praise this man called Joseph, the man got a message that your wife to be is pregnant, really. How in the world can someone take a woman who is pregnant? But this man, he was a man of God. And that is why, I want to encourage the men, especially MPs, sometimes you aren’t at home, something can happen and a child is born. So now, let me encourage you be like Joseph, don’t go for DNA, just be calm. No DNA, that is how calm the man was.

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