Heartbreak Festival: How To Cope With Heartache During The Festivities 1

Heartbreak Festival: How To Cope With Heartache During The Festivities

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Heartbreak is the worst pain imaginable and is intense, especially during the holidays. At this moment you would want to spend the seasons with some cheer but instead, your heart is aching. You also don’t want to kill anyone else’s joy as it would be nice not to feel alone. Heartbreaks have no limits and the quicker we realize this, the quicker we can start our journey towards healing. Here’s how to cope with heartbreak during the festivities:

Limit Your Time on Social Media

Seeing photos of excited couples and endless pics of engagement rings may want to throw your phone at the wall. Fiona Yassin, a family psychotherapist and founder and clinical director of “The Wave Clinic” advises those who have undergone heartbreak to limit their time on social media so as not to be bombarded with what your pals are up to during that period. Yassin says, ” When we see others having fun on social media and we feel we are not, it can trigger negative emotions like loneliness and isolation.”


Surround Yourself With People You Love

Since heartbreak is a universal emotion and most people around you will go through it at some point in their life. Opening up to your inner circle about what you are going through may make you feel lonely.

“Speak to your parents or any older members of your family. Most of the time they have been through this before and they survived, knowing this can give you hope. Christmas means you’re often surrounded by your family and friends. Celebrate the love you get from them, a love that is often less intense or glamorous, but a lot more enduring than romantic love,” says Lord.

Heartbreak Festival: How To Cope With Heartache During The Festivities 2

Try Grounding Techniques

Yassin recommends equipping yourself with grounding techniques which help people to work through their emotions. These techniques are activities that help you refocus on what’s happening at the moment distracting you from anxious feelings or difficult emotions. According to Yassin, “By using grounding techniques, we are not saying that we will not deal with or process the emotions and sensations, but we are saying that right now, at this moment, this is not going to intrude in what I’m doing. Walking can be really good to bring you back into the moment. When we walk and put one foot in front of the other we are stimulating both sides of the brain in a process called Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) which can feel soothing for some.”


Look After Your Physical Needs

When you are feeling low it may be difficult for you to muster the energy to look after yourself. Taking care of your immediate physical needs may make you feel better as long as you are not able to shift the heavy emotions that come with heartbreak. According to Touroni, “Make sure you’re doing activities that keep you both physically and mentally healthy e.g. regular exercise, eating healthy, nutritious meals etc. Avoid turning to substances to numb any difficult thoughts and feelings. They might provide relief in the short-term but are likely to make things harder in the long run.”
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