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Types Of Sensual Erotic Massages That Will Spice Up Your Bedroom Experience

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Sensual Massages To Give Your Partner

Sensual massages are excellent for connecting with your partner and exploring your body. You can use erotic massages to develop trust with your partner, learn what drives your partner crazy and also make you both comfortable in your own skins.

Masseuse performing a massage
Masseuse performing a massage

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If you want to experience sex that is out of this world and a whole different world of pleasure, you need to approach these sensual massages with an open mind. Only then will you release any pent-up energy and have a happy ending. Here are types of sensual massages you can try with your partner:

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage
Nuru massage
Nuru means slippery in Japanese. This type of massage is also known as Body to body massage. It entails both partners removing their clothes and oiling their bodies as well as their partners. Thereafter, you can both rub your bodies against each other body.

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Lingam Massage

The name Lingam means wand of light. It is also known as Penis massage. This massage entails your partner stimulating your partner through a massage. The lingam massage includes the perineum, shaft, external prostate and testicles.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage photos
Yoni massage photos
The word Yoni refers to sacred space in Sanskrit. This type of massage stems from honouring stimulating sensations in the vagina by massaging it. If you want to enjoy this type of massage, you ought to be in a state of relaxation for you to feel the pleasure you are receiving. Other women may also use this type of massage to release sexual health issues like sexual pain.

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