4 Reasons Why Women In Lagos Love The Yoni Massage 1

4 Reasons Why Women In Lagos Love The Yoni Massage

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4 Benefits Of The Yoni Massage

Yoni comes from the Sanskrit word that means sacred place. It’s meant to remind you that the vagina is very powerful and is central to your emotional and physical wealth. In other words, it involves several massaging motions over the breasts, stomach, vagina and legs. The massage is done slowly while paying attention to each body part.
Yoni massage is part of the tantric practice that involves meditation, deep breathing and yoga needed to boost sexual energy. It is not intended to be entirely erotic and in some cases it is not sexual at all. The major purpose of a yoni massage is to help you be in tune with your body and to learn what feels good for your body and whatever your body wants. Hotel Massage service companies in Nigeria especially those in Lagos have pointed out that women in Lagos are opting for Yoni massages. Here are the benefits of a yoni massage:

Releases Sexual Energy

4 Reasons Why Women In Lagos Love The Yoni Massage 2

A yoni massage helps sexual trauma survivors feel more in control of their sexual experience, reconnect with their bodies and also helps them learn to approach sexual experiences positively. Yoni massages help to clear the mind allowing for an intense and cleaner orgasm.

Improves Partner Relationships

Practising Yoni massage with a partner helps your partner better learn what feels good to you and promotes intimacy. A study by the University of Missouri referenced on Plusher.no found that partners who massage each other regularly stay together longer. Yoni massages help to unlock the fear of intimacy and touch.

Relieves Pain During Sexual Intercourse

The Yoni massage awakens the genital area and uses breathing techniques to relax vaginal muscles and allow for relaxed sexual intercourse. It also increases sexual drive by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs.

Guarantees Sexual Orgasm

According to reports about 40% of women don’t achieve an orgasm during normal sexual intercourse. Psychologists and sexologists emphasize the importance of having a good orgasm. Women who order Yoni massage report that they get orgasms every now and then. A number of women who order Yoni massage report getting orgasms from it.
There’s a lot of information that surrounds this sacred massage technique. Popular websites and magazines have showered praises on the therapy urging people to try it.
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